Tattle Partners with 5&5 to Automate and Modernize Restaurant CX Tech Stack

Tattle Partners with 5&5 to Automate and Modernize Restaurant CX Tech Stack

Customer Experience Improvement (CXI) Leader Continues to Partner With Leading Restaurant and Hospitality Brands With Best-In-Class Guest Survey Programs

Tattle, the AI-driven guest survey and CX platform providing the restaurant industry with actionable, data-driven insights into guest sentiment, today announced its partnership with 5&5, the premier IT and digital management services company for food service brands, to offer the end-to-end CX solution implementation and automation for multi-location restaurant brands in the hospitality industry.

This partnership helps restaurants achieve a seamless and hassle-free integration of Tattle into their tech stack, as managed by 5&5’s technical expertise, who serve as an extension of the brand’s internal team. Tattle, being built on an open API and already integrating with 35+ restaurant ordering and loyalty tech providers, can automatically survey restaurant guests after a transaction or loyalty program check-in. Tattle’s causation-based surveys allow restaurants to gain a deep understanding into the performance of each operational category (e.g. Food Quality, Hospitality, Accuracy, Speed of Services etc.) and their underlying factors (e.g. Temperature, Texture, Greetings, etc.).

“We’re really excited to join hands with 5&5 to optimize restaurants’ tech stack setup for guest sentiment data collection and analysis,” said Alex Beltrani, CEO and founder of Tattle. “Tattle’s integration with restaurant ordering and loyalty providers unlock invaluable insights into all aspects of the restaurant operations, including menu item / LTO performance, operational categories, day part analysis, channel analysis, incident management and more.”

The vast volumes of guest feedback data feeds Tattle’s proprietary algorithms, which then spews out recommendations and monthly objectives for each location that best improve guest satisfaction and revenue, providing valuable insights into improvement opportunities for operations, marketing, guest service and culinary teams. All the insights are served up in the form of highly intuitive, engaging and interactive visualizations that can be easily digested and acted on by executives all the way down to general managers and franchisees.

“5&5 is poised to assist brands in evaluating, implementing and managing their tech stack, and Tattle’s integration will allow our clients to fully realize its impact on the online ordering experience,” said Seth Burtis, Associate VP of System Solutions at 5&5. “Our dedicated teams have expert knowledge and a deep understanding of how to turn those guest survey data insights into actionable steps, and we can implement and manage everything from small projects to larger initiatives. We make it possible for brands to hit the ground running with the right solutions and the best technical support.”

“The Tattle and 5&5 partnership has made expanding our tech stack incredibly seamless,” said John Griffin, Sr. Marketing Manager at Roy Rogers. “This has allowed us to automate our operations to achieve a high level of efficiency, which ultimately results in better guest experience, higher satisfaction and higher profitability.”

Tattle is an AI-driven, customer feedback technology platform built with an open API that simplifies the guest feedback process. Using proprietary algorithms, Tattle measures satisfaction across all ordering channels and makes recommendations for highly-impactful improvements to operational areas across restaurant locations in order to drive the greatest possible increase in guest satisfaction.

Additional Tattle integration benefits include:

  • Omni-channel guest satisfaction measurement across Dine-In, Takeout, Delivery, Drive-Thru, and Curbside
  • 10% average guest feedback penetration and a 94.7% survey completion rate of a 50-60 question survey
  • Causation-based survey format to identify factors, i.e. Topping Distribution, that negatively impact an operational category, i.e. Accuracy
  • Leverages AI to identify and recommend high-impact operational categories for improvement across each location
  • Automated location-level Monthly Objectives that results in 84% probability of guest satisfaction increase
  • Incident Management System for recovering 1 in 3 guests with email templates and automation

“Tattle’s technology has been a game changer for the hospitality industry, providing detailed data and insights on guest satisfaction to improve operations and elevate the customer experience across multiple channels,” said Tattle CEO/Founder, Alex Beltrani. “We’re excited to continue our growth and partner with more businesses across the country who want to provide best-in-class customer loyalty and valuable insights to improve their business.”

Tattle is the only Customer Experience Improvement (CXI) platform built to help the hospitality industry by collecting actionable feedback data by interacting with their customers where they make transactions. With brand partners including Chili’s, Cava, MOD Pizza, Hooters and Dave’s Hot Chicken, Tattle supports 220+ leading hospitality brands across 11,000+ locations globally. Using existing third-party tools and API integrations, Tattle connects brands with their guests at every touch point of the customer journey. Through their AI, Tattle recommends the most opportunistic operational area for improvement at each of our partners’ locations to drive the greatest increase in guest satisfaction. For more information, please visit https://get.tattleapp.com.

5&5 is the food service industry’s premier IT & digital managed services company, supporting brands on Digital Implementations, POS & SaaS Management, Loyalty Management and Creative Services (UX/UI, Branding). With a team comprised of the industry’s best talent in digital and information technology, 5&5’s mission is to enable food service brands to grow in a digital future by becoming an extension of a brand’s internal teams. To date, 5&5 has worked with over 160+ brands including CKE, Dutch Bros Coffee, Bojangles and Raising Canes.