The Dry Fried Wing Company Signs Multi-Unit Co-Branding Agreement With Manhattan Pizza Chain

The Dry Fried Wing Company announced the signing of an Exclusive Agreement with Kenny Fellus to license and broker the licensing of a minimum of 100 co-branded Dry Fried Wings units within Manhattan over the next 12 months. The Agreement excludes Harlem from Fellus’ territory as the Company expects to sign a multi-unit Co-Branding Agreement in the coming weeks specifically for Harlem.

Fellus’ five initial licensed locations will be co-branded within his own Bravo Pizza chain, which he founded back in 1997. Fellus’ first Dry Fried Wings unit will open inside his location at 146 5th Ave, which will serve as the flagship unit for Dry Fried Wings operations citywide.

“Not only do they sell the best wings I’ve ever tasted, but the Company has developed a business model that’s built for instant success by brokering through operators like me,” said Fellus. “I will be able to utilize my first Bravo store as a training, sampling, manufacturing, and distribution point to grow my Dry Fried Wing business throughout the City without ever having to leave home base. With the brand support I’m getting and the connections I’ve built up through my many years of doing business here, I should have Dry Fried Wings all over Manhattan in a matter of months.”

The Dry Fried Wing Company also announced that it has amended its License Agreement with The Box Bar and Grill in Bethesda, MD to include a three month option to purchase The Box. The Company is set to begin co-branding Dry Fried Wings inside The Box before the New Year while implementing a new look, menu, and marketing approach for what is planned to be the flagship location for the Company’s Sports Bar franchising program.

“I can’t wait to see the lines stretching down Wisconsin Avenue,” said George Farrell, current owner of The Box. “Dry Fried Wings are about to turn the Sports Bar world upside down and achieve the same kind of crazy success that we’re seeing in the pizzerias but on an even bigger scale. The Company’s close ties with some of the biggest names in sports make Sports Bars the ultimate marketing fit for these incredible wings.”

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