The Latest Fast Food Battle Isn’t Over Burgers or Coffee

The Latest Fast Food Battle Isn't Over Burgers or CoffeeBreakfast sandwiches and wraps suddenly are some the hottest-selling items on the U.S. menus of fast-food giants McDonald’s, Yum Brands-owned Taco Bell and Dunkin’ Brands. That’s welcome news for investors in light of rampant price discounting for burgers and brewed coffee.

There are several factors fueling consumers’ appetite for breakfast sandwiches.

For starters, fast food’s biggest names have reformulated their breakfast sandwich lineups to feature healthier ingredients. Dunkin’ Donuts now sells a multigrain egg-white flatbread and Starbucks offers a spinach-feta-egg white multigrain wrap. A health-conscious consumer on the run now knows a trip to the local fast-food drive-thru at 7 a.m. won’t necessarily yield a greasy, high-calorie breakfast sandwich.

Fast-food companies have also gotten creative with their higher-calorie, portable breakfast sandwiches. One notable: Taco Bell’s 650-calorie A.M. Steak Crunchwrap, which boasts a fried hash brown, sauce-drenched steak, gooey cheese and scrambled eggs.

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