The Next Generation of Take-Out Containers to Hit the Market

The Next Generation of Take-Out Containers to Hit the Market

Making take-out a safer, healthier, and more efficient experience.

Go To Containers announces the launch of a revolutionary new product line in response to consumer demand for improved take-out packaging. The company’s first product, the Sani-Stak container, is a patented and unique container that addresses challenges faced by take-out, such as reducing the incidences of foodborne illnesses, reducing chances of contamination of food from allergens, making meals easier to transport, keeping food crisper, and simply providing a better overall presentation to the diner. Sani-Stak containers are sure to promote customer satisfaction and give food service operators and edge in the market place.

According to Business Insider, Americans spend $70 billion a year on takeout with 60 percent of Americans ordering food for takeout or delivery at least once a week. The market has become highly competitive with food service operators looking for an edge over their competitors. Restaurant News suggests thatinnovative designs in to-go containers can create not only a better consumer take-out experience, but an overall better dining experience.”

How does Go To Container’s Sani-Stak products improve the take-out experience? Well, typically, soufflé cups with dressings or condiments are placed inside a take-out container with a salad, appetizer, or meal. This is a common practice, but not the best choice when considering food safety. USA Today reports that “food handlers, such as cooks and waiters, cause about 70% of norovirus outbreaks related to contaminated food.” The goal was to design a takeout container that would give restaurants another option without the increased expense of having to bag multiple items. The Sani-Stak container was created to:

  • Allow portion cups ranging from 1 to 3.25 oz. to securely nest on top of the container and separate from the meal.
  • Allow for two or more containers to stack and nest on top of each other preventing them from sliding.
  • Allow containers made for either hot or cold meals to be used together and stacked on top of each other.
  • Allow for fried foods such as wings and fries to remain crisper compared to other takeout packaging.

How does one container due so much? It is a simple design that has people wondering why it hasn’t been done before.

From This: Basic container

To This: Sani-Stak

With the increase in foodborne illnesses and food allergies, this new concept in takeout packaging is significant. Knowing the path a portion cup takes during the storage and prep phase prior to being placed in with the meal, it is easy to see that the cup has multiple chances of becoming contaminated or coming in contact with food allergens along the way. Equally, when preparing your own salad at a salad bar, there is really no way of knowing what may have come into contact with the cup prior to placing it in the container with your meal.

Keeping condiment cups separate from the meal is not only safer, but it provides several other benefits: No more melting condiment cups in with a hot meal, no more cold condiments getting warm, no more condiments ending up on the floor of the car, and no more extra bags to carry.

Sani-Stak containers will initially be available in two eco-friendly materials, PET and bagasse (sugarcane), which offers an option for hot and cold items. Various other designs and materials are in the works with custom designs available.

Go To Containers is owned and operated by Persi Enterprises, LLC, a designer, supplier, and consultant for the food service industry in North America. The Sani-Stak design is patented in the U.S. with foreign patents pending. For more information about Go To Container’s unique products, visit us at, or email