The Pollo Tropical 21 Days to a New You Meal Plan Serves Up Wellness

Just in time for the New Year, Pollo Tropical is announcing the release of the 2012 version of its 21 Days to a New You Meal Plan.

The plan provides three weeks of healthful eating out options, plus easy-to-prepare breakfast and snack options. Each daily meal plan includes lunch and dinner options with total calories from 810 to just over 1,000 calories for both meals. Pollo Tropical chefs, working alongside popular media food personality “Dr. Jo” Lichten, created the meal plan based on the ideas shared by customers.

“The idea behind this actually came from our most loyal customers that enjoy our food as part of their lifestyle,” said Kim Miller, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Pollo Tropical. “They count on our extensive menu variety and fresh ingredients. They portion it sensibly to make themselves look great – it’s food they feel better about eating!”

Several exciting, new ingredients to the Plan in 2012 include the new Create Your Own TropiChop, a new brown rice that’s steamed with chicken broth to lock in flavor, and new menu pairings that take full advantage of the fresh menu item ingredients at Pollo Tropical.

The new “Create Your Own” TropiChop lets the customer pick all of the ingredients from a broad range of Pollo Tropical menu items including white, yellow or brown rice, mashed potatoes, kernel corn, lettuce, black beans, red beans, diced tomatoes, sautéed onions or peppers and onions. Guests pick chicken or pork as their meat choice, and then they can sauce it up at the fresh salsa bar. The company has added a new Spicy Poyo Poyo sauce as well, which packs fresh from the grill flavor with few calories. Fresh Salsa contains only about five calories per spoonful and adds a lot of flavor to skinless chicken, salads and more.

The 21 Days to a New You Meal Plan includes other Pollo Tropical favorites such as its famous signature grilled chicken, roast pork, soups, wraps, salads, sandwiches and unique variety of side dishes – including balsamic tomatoes, corn, boiled yuca with garlic sauce, and more.

Several “helpful tips” sections spotlight the Plan, including Ten Healthful Breakfast Ideas – which gives breakfast tips ranging from eggs to sweetened rice. Ten Recommendations for Staying Healthy outlines the importance of fruits & vegetables, whole grains, stress management and exercise. Ten Healthful Snack Ideas provides great tasting and healthful snack tips.

For a free copy of the Pollo Tropical 21 Days to a New You brochure, visit any company-owned Pollo Tropical location or download one at