The Power of a Happy Customer

The Power of a Happy Customer

Of course you want your bar or restaurant’s customers to be happy. That’s why you work so hard to make sure you’re providing the best food, the best drinks, and the best service. But have you ever stopped to think about why, exactly, happy customers are so important to your business’s success? What can happy customers do to increase your sales, boost your business, and keep your company afloat? Keep reading to find out why happy customers are an essential part of your bar or restaurant.

Happy customers are great advertisements.

As Happy Customer reports, people are twice as likely to talk about bad customer service experiences as they are good ones. This means that if your customers are unhappy, people will probably hear about it. But if you’re providing great service, great food, and keeping your customers happy, they’ll become your brand advocates. Word-of-mouth advertising is way more effective than traditional advertising—after all, people generally trust personal recommendations more than they trust advertisements. Happy customers can truly be your most effective advertising method.

Happy customers bring in their friends.

When someone has a great experience at a bar or restaurant, they’re much more likely to come back again—and this time, with more friends. If you can keep your current customers happy, you just might find yourself with even more customers.

Happy customers are active online.

As you likely know, customers don’t usually keep quiet about their bad or good restaurant experiences. And with social media, their comments can reach tons of people. You can use this to your advantage if you’re keeping customers happy! Happy customers share pictures of their food on Instagram, tell friends on Facebook about the great dinner they just had, or give Twitter recommendations to followers who are looking for a meal. This can all help you bring in more business and gain an online following.

Happy customers are loyal.

Forget about customers simply being satisfied. Giving a customer a meal that s/he is satisfied with won’t earn you a loyal customer. But if you keep your customer happy by going above and beyond? You just might earn a customer for life. Committed customers are incredibly powerful; these are the customers who will come back again and again, often bringing friends or family.

Happy customers aren’t just optional—they’re a must if your restaurant wants to succeed! By keeping customers happy, you can create great advertisements, bring in their friends, get some online buzz, and gain loyal customers.

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