The Restaurant Manager’s Handbook: A Restaurant Operations Bestseller

The Restaurant Manager's Handbook: A Restaurant Operations BestsellerRestaurants are among those businesses that are facing tougher times in the current climate. They are largely seen as a luxury – after all, no one needs to eat out and when money is tight people are more likely to stay indoors and cook for themselves.

It stands to reason then that restaurant owners and managers can use all the help they can get. The worst thing you can do if you are running a restaurant is to sit back and watch as fewer customers come in the door. The restaurants that will survive and thrive in the current climate will be the ones that are run by people who are pro-active and will do everything they can to manage their businesses effectively.

Fortunately there is help out there for restaurant operators seeking solutions to get through these uncertain times. A good example of this is The Restaurant Manager’s Handbook by Douglas Robert Brown. The book was first published in 2002 but it has been revised and updated four times since then. The fourth edition is the most recent and if you want an all in one guide that will help you to run your restaurant – even in the middle of a recession – this is worth looking at.

In total, the book features thirty nine chapters, all dealing with a specific area of the business. You could pick up this book if you were thinking of going into the restaurant business and use it as a Bible for the whole procedure. But even if you already own a restaurant and you just want some help and advice on how to improve your current situation, The Restaurant Manager’s Handbook will still be totally invaluable to you.

Running at more than a thousand pages in length, you’ll see this is no lightweight and fluffy tome. It is intended for those who are serious about running a good and efficient business. Whatever questions you might have about any stage of the process, they are bound to be answered somewhere in here. The lengthy contents section at the front will direct you quickly and easily to the right part of the book for your needs.

Chapters 32 and 33 will be of particular interest in the current climate, if you are looking for ways to bring more customers through your doors. Discounts and promotions are dealt with in Chapter 32 for example, so if you’re looking to entice more people in, these could be just what you’re after. You can also learn a great deal about restaurant promotion in Chapter 33. It talks about internet promotion, from creating a good website to running press releases that will get the word out about your business.

There is no doubt that the current situation means we are all watching our pennies. But by focusing on the right aspects of your restaurant business, you can still bring in plenty of new customers. The Restaurant Manager’s Handbook aims to help you do just that.

The Restaurant Manager’s Handbook is available on Amazon.