The Reward Every Employee and Customer Will Thank YOU For!

The Reward Every Employee and Customer Will Thank YOU For!

ClearMedsRewards introduces FREE healthcare and identity theft protection.

Restaurant owners can now get comprehensive fraud protection and limited state of the art health care for FREE. is publicly introducing a new and innovative approach to solve some of the most vexing problems in the country today. They are offering a bundled solution to: costly medical care, crowded waiting rooms, overpriced prescriptions and rampant identity theft. read more…

Since many employees in the restaurant industry are part-time and non-benefitted, restaurant owners have to find creative ways to attract and retain great talent. Sending them to the public healthcare exchange has not been ideal. With the projected demand overloads, higher deductibles and expensive copays, worker productivity and healthcare expenses will be painful to employees and employers alike.   Enter telemedicine. delivers instant phone, smartphone and webcam access to a US certified doctor in your state (excluding ID) 24/7/365 for consultations & prescriptions as needed, resolving many common ailments and offering second opinions. The results are astonishing, but logical. According to the CDC, more than 70% of all Dr. office or 80% of ER visits can be addressed via telemedicine. After all, why would anybody want to sit in a waiting room or wait for weeks to get in when they can get accurately diagnosed and prescribed right from their smart phone or webcam in minutes – wherever they are? By eliminating copays and deductibles (Avg. $191/visit), your employees and customers will be thankful & more loyal with their newfound jump in disposable income.

With today’s economy, we’re all on the lookout for discounts. Yet, we seem to blindly accept the price at the register for prescriptions that have profit margins unheard of in the food service industry. The discount Rx card (or app) from delivers prescription discounts up to 75% off retail at over 60,000 pharmacies. Average savings are just under 50%. Whether consumers have full insurance or not, having this card in your wallet is worth its weight in gold! The Member simply hands the Rx Card to pharmacist at checkout for best pricing.

With high profile identity theft cases afflicting the likes of: Target, Michael’s Stores, Neiman Marcus, and even Experian, you know your business is at risk, not to mention the billions of dollars in disposable income that are being siphoned away from your customers. That’s a bad trend for the restaurant industry. ClearMedsRewards’ innovative ID Secure solution is making identity theft and credit card fraud irrelevant. With comprehensive identity monitoring and protection, you can protect (and grow) your business by protecting your employees and your customers. Your customers will feel confident using their credit & debits cards at your location(s). Best of all, it’s free.

So make it work for you and your business. Start by referring all your employees to and request their Affinity Rewards Free Plan. ClearMedsRewards will Co-brand a Customer Reward/Appreciation email message and/or a simple Handout to be used to share the benefits when applicable. CMRs has a retail value of $600 and provides avg. savings to a family of 4* of $2,300+/yr. Think of Customer Goodwill that will be created. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Who doesn’t want to save money, improve their healthcare and protect their valuable financial reputation? has a great recipe for some of the biggest issues concerning, not just restaurant owners, but all consumers. The bundled services are free for the first year and only $9.95 a month thereafter. Others charge triple that for identity monitoring alone. is an innovative startup, incubated by GVI. Their mission is to, “provide efficient solutions to society’s most vexing problems, starting with healthcare and identity protection”.

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