‘Tim’s Place’ restaurant defies odds

People dealing with disabilities often have a hard time convincing the public that they’re still capable of handling the challenges of business ownership, but Tim Harris is helping change that idea with one hug at a time. This young man was born with Down’s Syndrome and he operates his own restaurant with the assistance and support of his parents. The restaurant, known as Tim’s Place, opened its doors in 2010 and has been thriving since then due to its dedicated and welcoming owner. Customers come in to enjoy tasty dishes, but they return to see their new friends over and over again. Tim offers a free hug to every custom that stops by and so far has managed to give out over 32,400 embraces. However, this isn’t Tim’s first success story – he’s also graduated from college, won numerous awards in the Special Olympics, and enjoys offshore fishing in his days away from the restaurant.