Tin Drum Asiacafé ‘Mayor’ Eats For Free

Tin Drum Asiacafé 'Mayor' Eats For Free

Through January, Tin Drum Asiacafé, an Atlanta-based Pan Asian fast casual restaurant chain, is hosting a Foursquare contest that can help diners save money, eat healthy, and try new things.

Each Tin Drum location is running the Foursquare promotion where at the end of the month, January 31st, the “mayor” of each Tin Drum location will win three free meals. Diners should check-in on Foursquare throughout the month of January when they visit any of the ten Tin Drum locations to improve their chances of becoming the reigning mayor.

To redeem their free meals, each mayor must use the chain’s SmartMenu kiosks for ordering. This kiosk provides a free, quick way to check the nutritionals of any of Tin Drum’s menu. The easy-to-use ordering kiosks, designed by a physician through a National Science Foundation study at Georgia Tech, allow customers to check the ingredients, calories and nutritional content of their order, and pick allergens to avoid (such as gluten, peanuts, milk and dairy) and vegetarian or vegan options.

Tin Drum’s menu spans the Asian continent, with more than 35 bold and delicious street food options and 15 signature sauces. For a complete listing of Tin Drum locations visit www.tindrumcafe.com/locations.html.