Top 5 Mistakes On Your Restaurant Website

Top 5 Mistakes On Your Restaurant Website

Your restaurant’s website is one of your most important tools; in fact, most customers check out your website before they even visit your restaurant. A great website can help you draw in customers…but a bad website just might turn customers away! Check out this list of five big mistakes that could be sabotaging your restaurant’s website.

1. Not being mobile-friendly.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. When they’re checking out your website, they’re likely on their phones. And if your website is difficult or impossible to view on mobile devices? Well, there’s a good chance that customers will move on to the next restaurant on their lists.

2. Being way too busy.

Sure, it’s tempting to go all out with your website…but remember that when it comes to websites, less is more. Under no circumstances should you have music that plays automatically. Imagine how uncomfortable customers will get if they’re trying to check out your website while they’re at the office! And be sure you aren’t using Flash. It’s outdated, it’s not mobile-friendly, it loads slowly, and makes it difficult for search engines—and customers—to find you.

3. PDF menus.

PDF menus require customers clicking on an extra link that takes them away from your site. And, if customers are using mobile devices, PDF documents are often difficult to read. PDF menus are also often difficult for search engines to find. Using a web-based menu is simply easier for everyone.

4. Bad photography.

You want your website to attract customers, not repel them, so your pictures should look as appetizing as possible. However, taking attractive pictures of food isn’t always easy. It might be a good idea to hire a professional photographer to snap a few shots for your site. Of course, the only thing worse than having bad photography is having no photography! Customers want to see what your food looks like.

5. Hidden contact information.

Trying to find out information about your restaurant shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt, but you’d be surprised how many restaurants make it difficult for customers to find their phone number, address, and hours! Be sure that this information is easy to find…you don’t want to frustrate customers before they’ve even made it to your restaurant.

Your restaurant’s website can be a great tool—as long as you use it correctly! Avoid these five big mistakes and you’ll be on your way to having an awesome website.

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