Top Wines to Add to the Menu for Cooler Weather

Top Wines to Add to the Menu for Cooler WeatherAs the weather cools down and snow starts to fall, you probably want to consider changing up your drink menu. You probably add more winter-appropriate beers and cocktails, but do you ever think about switching up your wine selection? During winter, customers may not feel like drinking the same light, fruity wines they enjoy in the summer. Check out a few of these wines and see if you’d like to add any of them to your winter menu!

Gewürztraminer. Gewürztraminer is known as “the grown up version of moscato.” With some cloves and spiciness, this wine is perfect for warming people up when it’s cold outside.

Nebbiolo. Savory, layered wine flavors are more popular in winter. Nebbiolo from Piedmont goes great with hearty foods like pot roast and lasagna, and as a bonus, it smells like roses.

Carinena. This is yet another savory wine that is described as tasting like “sweet dried cranberries and cinnamon spice with a meaty Kielbasa sausage note.” It sounds unusual, but it could interest customers who are into trying something a little off the beaten path!

Pinot Meunier. Nothing says winter like chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and this wine has plenty of chestnut flavor. This Darting Pinot Meunier also contains a ton of other classic winter flavors, including maple, pumpernickel, and chocolate.

Mulled wine. Don’t forget about mulled wine, a warm drink that’s perfect for sipping on cold nights. A bonus: you don’t even have to use a high-quality wine to make mulled wine. An inexpensive wine, combined with the necessary spices and cider, can still make a great drink. Try out this recipe from the Barefoot Contessa herself.

Dry cider. Okay, so it’s not technically a wine, but as points out, dry cider can be a lot like wine. If you want to offer your wine drinking customers something a little different, you might want to add it to your menu. For customers who like sweet wine, try ice cider. And for customers who are into dry white wine, still ciders are a great bet.

If you’re looking forward to your winter wine menu, give some of these a try! What winter wines are favorites at your bar or restaurant?

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