Tossed Serves Up Bumper Crop of Environmentally-Friendly Business Practices

Tossed, home of made-to-order garden fresh salads, crepe wraps, grilled panini, sandwiches and hot soups today announced a broad series of additions to its green, sustainable business practices. Led by a new store interior design featuring multiple low-environmental impact design elements, Tossed’s commitment to environmental responsibility reaches from salad bowls comprised of recycled plastic bottles to menus printed on eco-paper and much more.

“At Tossed we believe in having a healthy attitude in everything we do,” said Jason Chodash, President of Tossed Franchise Corporation. “Being environmentally responsible simply makes sense. Our company was founded on fresh, high-quality food and a wholesome lifestyle. Embracing eco-friendly practices is another value we share with our guests.”

New Store Design

While Tossed has pursued a green philosophy for a number of years, recent developments in both the company’s growth, as well as in new products and manufacturing techniques now available, have allowed it to make significant progress.

Most prominent among Tossed’s new developments is its sustainable store design. Debuting with the company’s recently-opened Los Angeles and Vancouver, British Columbia franchise locations, the new design from California-based JBI Interiors features a number of environmentally-friendly elements including:

  • Unique dining room chairs made in the USA from recycled Coca-Cola bottles. Produced by renowned Pennsylvania chair manufacturer Emeco, Inc. in collaboration with Coca-Cola, each Tossed banquette chair is made from 111 20-ounce PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic Coke bottles, comprising 60% of the total material content.
  • Stools featuring 99% recycled water and raw materials used in production.
  • Paper-based laminates used on table tops, divider walls, paneling and other interior decor surfaces.

Tossed Serves Up Bumper Crop Of Environmentally-Friendly Business Practices

  • Dining room recycling stations that make it easy for customers to deposit paper, plastics and glass for reuse.

Tossed also plans to install low water consumption plumbing in the restrooms of all its restaurants moving forward, enabling it to help communities where water shortages are common.

Menus, Serveware

Tossed’s new handheld menus, now available nationwide, are printed on 100% recycled fiber, 100% post-consumer paper. Napkins made from 100% recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink have been introduced.

In another environmentally-responsible choice, Tossed salad bowls are made from three 100% post consumer recycled PET beverage bottles. Three bottles which would otherwise go into landfills are instead formed into each bowl, providing a renewable, more responsible alternative.

“Every aspect of our business is an opportunity to expand our environmental consciousness,” said Chodash. “This is clearly the direction the world is going — and we want to move there now.”

Tossed restaurants are known for their ultra-fresh, made-to-order gourmet salads with over 50 choices of toss-ins, along with signature dressings, whole wheat crepe wraps and sandwiches served on artisan bread. With locations either opened or in development in nine states, Canada and Washington DC, Tossed’s distinctive menu and modern, fast casual ambience appeal to those who appreciate the highest quality, freshest fare. The company promotes an “Eat Smart, Think Fresh” philosophy.

Tossed is the home of made-to-order salads featuring dozens of gourmet ingredients and unique dressings. Tossed also offers whole wheat crepe wraps, grilled panini, sandwiches and hot soups along with an array of breakfast items. Tossed has grown from its original Manhattan location to include restaurants across the United States. Tossed Franchise Corporation, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers franchises to companies and individuals interested in one of the freshest, most exciting concepts in quick casual dining. To learn more about Tossed, go to