TOUS les JOURS Adds Fruity Flavor to New Seasonal Menu

TOUS les JOURS Adds Fruity Flavor to New Seasonal Menu
TOUS les JOURS Launches New Cloud Cake for Summer

Beloved French-Asian Bakery Launches New Yogur-Teas and Cloud Cakes for Summer

TOUS les JOURS Adds Fruity Flavor to New Seasonal MenuTOUS les JOURS, a French-Asian bakery café chain offering more than 300 artisan pastries, gourmet cakes, and desserts baked in-store daily, is excited to unveil its new summer-inspired collection, including two new Cloud Cake flavors and all-new Yogur-Teas. Available all summer long, TOUS les JOURS’ new collection is making it deliciously simple for customers throughout the country to enjoy the season’s fruity flavors, including strawberry, blueberry, peach, coconut and lychee!

The new Cloud Cake lineup includes limited-time Strawberry Lychee and Blueberry Yogurt Cloud Cakes. Made with the perfect blend of strawberry Cloud cream and juicy lychee, the Strawberry Lychee Cloud Cake is delicate, slightly floral and boasts the perfect amount of sweetness. Available in two designs, the Blueberry Yogurt Cloud Cake consists of airy blueberry sponge cake layered with yogurt Cloud cream and fresh blueberries. Always a guest favorite, TOUS les JOURS’ signature Cloud Cakes are made with fluffy, delicate sponge cake that is layered with fresh fruit and its signature Cloud cream, a lightly sweetened and freshly made whipped cream. Unique to TOUS les JOURS, the popular Cloud Cakes are among the brand’s bestselling items.

TOUS les JOURS Adds Fruity Flavor to New Seasonal Menu
TOUS les JOURS Launches New Yogur-Tea Flavors for Summer

Alongside the seasonal Cloud Cakes, TOUS les JOURS is also unveiling new, first-of-its-kind Yogur-Teas – a delightfully creamy and refreshing beverage combining flavored tea and yogurt powder to create a frothy and smooth consistency. The Yogur-Teas are available in three summer-inspired flavors: Peach Green Tea, Strawberry Black Tea, and Ube Coconut, each packed with probiotics and delivering a refreshing, thirst-quenching experience. As TOUS les JOURS continues to expand its beverage lineup and establish itself as a go-to destination for delicious drinks, the brand’s new Yogurt-Teas underscore its commitment to offering creative and innovative beverages for all seasons.

“At TOUS les JOURS, we’re sweetening up summer with the launch of two new Cloud Cakes and a line of Yogur-Teas, which are guaranteed to provide customers with refreshing and fruity options during the warm months ahead,” said Sue Han, Marketing Manager for TOUS les JOURS. “As we expand our seasonal menu to offer the flavors we know our customers are craving this time of year, we remain dedicated to serving flavor-forward dessert and beverage options made with high-quality ingredients and thoughtful innovation.”

The new Cloud Cakes and Yogur-Teas are available now at TOUS les JOURS’ more than 90 U.S. locations, joining the brand’s extensive menu of baked goods and beverage offerings. For more information about TOUS les JOURS, to view the full menu and to find your nearest location, visit

Since its launch in the United States in 2004, TOUS les JOURS has developed into a reputable bakery & café franchise, specializing in French-Asian-inspired baked goods, passionately made from the finest ingredients. TOUS les JOURS means “Every day” in French. As the name shows, the chain offers a wide range of baked goods – artisan pastries, gourmet cakes and desserts, and handcrafted beverages – baked fresh in-store every day. The brand takes pride in sourcing and using carefully selected ingredients and promises to bring freshness and quality to its customers. TOUS les JOURS continues to expand and embrace innovation in all markets. With its franchising know-how and continuous support from the team, the brand is getting a lot of attention from people who are interested in setting up their own small businesses. Currently, there are more than 90 TOUS les JOURS stores in the U.S. and nearly 1,700 stores all around the world. To learn more about TOUS les JOURS stores and their locations, please visit