TriageNow: Reducing Restaurant Workers’ Compensation Costs One Injury at a Time

TriageNow: Reducing Restaurant Workers' Compensation Costs One Injury at a Time

TriageNow is announcing their time of injury Nurse Triage Call Center, designed and dedicated to the Restaurant industry.  TriageNow, a nurse-based telephone reporting call center that will manage the initial contact of your workers’ compensation injuries for you, and guide your injured employee quickly to the most appropriate level of care.

One phone call will:

  • Allow access to highly skilled nurses who will quickly assess medical needs
  • Utilize sophisticated medical algorithms to determine the appropriate level of care required
  • Eliminate the need for personnel make unqualified/uncomfortable medical decisions
  • Coordinate provider referral, if necessary, using either your or our desired network
  • Initiate reporting, including facility notification of expected arrival time
  • Provide care instructions, including intermediate or home/self-care when required

Benefits of triage:

  • Up to 30% reduction in overall claims, and reduction in claims costs
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Improves claim reporting consistency
  • Reduces lag time reporting
  • Increases PPO network penetration
  • Early communication leads to early intervention and prevention

Our custom designed software maximizes call handling times so we can quickly address workplace injuries, with the addition of customized questions specific to the restaurant industry it allow us to drill down to the root cause of the situation more efficiently. Analyzing the information provided will help find direct solutions for a safer workplace and return employees back to work sooner.

TriageNow has an innovative approach to address sprains/strains which typically account for up to 40% of serious workers’ compensation injuries.  We also offer a comprehensive suite of reporting options including advanced facility referrals & notification, custom notices and Incident Reports.  We bring a host of services right to your desktop through our extensive use of technology and amazing partnerships.

The program is easy to use and typically takes less than 30 minutes to implement and roll out company-wide.

Check out our video:

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