Trick or Treat … It’s Domino’s Pizza!

Trick or Treat ... It's Domino's Pizza!

October is National Pizza Month, but it’s also home to Halloween, one of Domino’s five busiest nights for pizza delivery in the United States. Don’t worry though, it won’t slow Domino’s down from delivering fresh, hot pizzas right to customers’ doors.

“Halloween is a great night for ordering pizza,” said Patrick Doyle, Domino’s Pizza president and chief executive officer. “Parents can have a stress-free night by ordering pizza faster than ever online or on their mobile device. While kids are getting ready to go trick-or-treating, families can have dinner delivered to their door.”

Customers can place orders online days in advance, in as little as 30 seconds when they create an Easy Order with Domino’s enhanced online ordering profiles platform.

“Smart hustle and terrific store managers and franchisees keep Domino’s team members ready for the Halloween rush,” said Doyle. “We sharpen our skills all year long for busy days like this. Our teams around the country are ready to deliver this Halloween.”

After Halloween, Domino’s will continue giving customers what they want: another great deal. From Nov. 11-17, Domino’s will offer a $5.99 carryout special for large, two-topping pizzas.

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