USB Charging System Draws Attention from Pub Patrons

USB Charging System Draws Attention from Pub PatronsFree Cell Charging Becomes Newest Item on Menu

USB Charging System Draws Attention from Pub PatronsRELAX & RECHARGE…that’s the new mantra for patrons of the MTK Tavern/Restaurant. The pub has always been known as a friendly oasis which has made it quite popular with locals. Now, a visitor can not only recharge their own batteries but their cell phone’s as well.

Owner Jeff Rosen installed the first “COUNTER-JUMP” system in the US and is so pleased that he’s already considering expanding the number of charging stations. The free service allows patrons to charge their cell phones and tablets at their seats while having a beer or eating dinner. Connecting wires are readily available for most phones.

USB Charging System Draws Attention from Pub PatronsThe owner was very forthcoming with his analysis.  “I noticed immediately after installation that customers were staying an average of 45 minutes longer. After the first several weeks, I calculated my revenues increased by over 15% and I can’t find another obvious reason for that kind of growth.  I figure that these little gadgets have probably already paid for themselves”.

USB Charging System Draws Attention from Pub PatronsSmall USB charging stations are strategically placed though out the establishment.  Each unit is connected with hidden low voltage wires behind the bar. Wireless chargers are available at the tables. More information can be found at

Installation is easier than installing Christmas lights on a tree. Jeff completed his installation in about 20 minutes. And since it is low voltage, no permits or installations by licensed electrician are required.

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