Wayback Burgers Opens a New Location Concept Restaurant

Wayback Burgers Opens a New Location Concept Restaurant

New Franchisee Opens Doors to a Truck Stop Location in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Wayback Burgers Opens a New Location Concept RestaurantWayback Burgers, America’s favorite hometown burger joint, and one of the nation’s fastest-growing burger franchises, recently opened a new location in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. Sunny Singh Sr. and Sunjeet Singh Jr. are first-time Wayback Burgers franchisees but have been in the truck stop industry for several years.

While the new truck stop opened on July 15, 2020, the new Wayback Burgers location welcomed guests starting Sept. 4, 2020. Business has been going very well and remaining steady. The town does not have many fueling options, but several large trucks frequent the area. That is the main reason Sunjeet and his father, Sunny, decided this was a great location for this truck stop and restaurant.

“There are multiple factories located nearby that have trucks in and out all day,” said Sunjeet Singh Jr. “We will see a steady flow of traffic coming by our location.”

While researching franchises, Sunjeet and Sunny discovered Wayback Burgers. To them, it was a new and fresh idea to bring to the area. Also, they decided Wayback Burgers was a great addition to the truck stop because of the fresh ingredients in the products.

Wayback Burgers Opens a New Location Concept Restaurant

“We were really impressed with the restaurant layout and the business model of Wayback Burgers,” said Sunjeet Singh Jr. “Since we have other truck stop locations to manage, we felt we needed something fairly easy to learn and operate. The brand offers so many great training methods that can be learned quickly.”

The Singhs felt this brand is a higher quality and a great fit for the Lock Haven area.

“We’re so happy for Sunny Singh Sr. and Sunjeet Singh Jr. on the opening of their first Wayback Burgers franchise in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania,” said Patrick Conlin, President of Wayback Burgers,. “The restaurant came out looking beautiful with the new design. It is doing very well with sales and has been well-received in the community.”

Currently, Wayback Burgers has several locations attached to convenience stores, including Firebaugh, CA, Woodland, WA, and Ft. Worth, TX. This location in Lock Haven, PA is the newest addition to a growing segment of Wayback Burgers’ restaurants. In fact, the brand has several more travel center-anchored locations currently under development across the country.

Wayback Burgers

Founded in 1991 in Newark, Delaware, Wayback Burgers is a Connecticut-based fast-casual franchise with a reputation for cooked-to-order burgers and thick, hand-dipped milkshakes, served in an environment that hearkens back to a simpler place and time — when guest service meant something and everyone felt the warmth of the community.

Wayback Burgers currently operates in 31 states with over 166 locations nationally and internationally in Brunei, Sudan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Pakistan, The Netherlands, and Manitoba, Canada. Through its executed international franchise agreements, Wayback Burgers plans to open in 38 provinces/countries, including the Middle East, Northern Africa, South Africa, Bangladesh, Ireland, Germany, and, in Canada, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Currently, there is an LOI for Japan.

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