What Customers Dislike Most About Bars

Understanding what your customers want is an important first step to making your bar more profitable. When it comes to bars, here are the biggest things customers complain about which you should aim to avoid.

Noise levels:

While music is an important part of creating a lively and fun environment, be careful not to kill your guests’ ear drums. Sound and volume control are among the top complaints customers have about bars. Make sure you don’t offend your guests by cranking up the volume too high.


A packed bar is great for your bar, but not necessarily a favorite among your guests. Strive to make your bar environment as comfortable as possible by creating enough space for your customers to enjoy their experience. Maximize bar space by experimenting with different table and seating arrangements to accommodate certain days or times when you know your bar will be at max capacity.

Slow bartender service:

Your customers shouldn’t have to wait more than a couple of minutes to get served at the bar. Always have enough bartenders on staff to promptly greet and serve your guests.

Inconsistent product quality:

Causing customers to return drinks that they don’t like is not good for you or your bar business. To avoid inconsistent beverage quality, train your staff to pour the right amounts of alcohol every time. Equip them with jiggers and shot glasses to properly measure their alcohol pours.

Cleanliness of glasses:

Spotty and dirty glasses are among the biggest complaints customers have when being served a drink in a bar. Always make sure you have enough clean glasses on supply to serve your guests.

Getting carded:

While some customers don’t like when a bartender asks for their I.D., this is one thing you really can’t get around. Serving drinks to anyone below 21 years of age in your bar comes with too many risks to take the chance just to appease the guest. If your customer looks too young, don’t be shy about asking for their I.D.

Rude or disinterested server or bartender:

You want every guest to come into your bar and feel like a V.I.P. Invest in the right service staff to avoid turning off your customers by a rude or disinterested server or bartender.

Lack of knowledge:

Nobody likes it when their server or bartender isn’t knowledgeable. Your service staff should always be ready to offer up drink suggestions or educate your customers about the products you serve in your bar. The solution—the right staff training.

A boring atmosphere:

Keep guests in your bar longer by offering them fun events and entertainment, such as live music, featured DJs, holiday celebrations, and live Trivia games, powered by Buzztime’s BEOND gaming and entertainment platform. Entertainment and special events are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Bar menus that lack creativity:

Bar customers want something new when it comes to drink and food menus. Elevate your creativity with fun signature drinks, craft cocktails, food and wine or food and beer pairings, etc. Look for fresh, seasonal ingredients throughout the year and stay in the know about the latest food and beverage trends.

Article provided by Buzztime.

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