Whataburger To Be Featured On Premiere Episode Of New Destination America Show

Whataburger will be one of three quick service restaurants featured on the premiere episode of Fast Food Mania on Sunday, June 3 at 9 p.m. CST. The show will highlight Whataburger for its loyal customers including Karl and Carol Hoepfner, who were officially named the company’s Biggest Fans in 2011, and Whataburger’s famous menu items including the original Whataburger.

“Some of our country’s most fascinating stories are born from the hard work and determination of what were once mom and pop businesses that evolved into great American successes,” said Marc Etkind, senior vice president of content strategy for Destination America. “Fast Food Mania celebrates those accomplishments and takes viewers on a nostalgic ride, and we’re so excited to include a legendary brand like Whataburger in our premiere episode.”

“Fast Food Mania” is part of a lineup of all things Americana on Destination America, a network celebrating the people, places and stories of the U.S., arriving Memorial Day, May 28 from Discovery Communications. The show is hosted by pop culture expert and radio personality Jon Hein. Episodes will feature beloved eateries across the country and around the globe, revealing little-known facts about America’s favorite establishments.

“Whataburger is honored to be part of the ‘Fast Food Mania’ premiere episode,” said Pam Cox, group director of communications for Whataburger. “We’re so grateful to our hardworking restaurant teams who have made us such a fan favorite, and we’re continually humbled by the overwhelming support our customers have shown us throughout the years, especially our ‘Biggest Fans’ Karl and Carol Hoepfner.’”

Karl and Carol Hoepfner, a retired couple from Rockport, Texas, were named Whataburger’s Biggest Fans in an essay contest in April 2011, and after winning the title they made the decision to tour all 728 Whataburger locations across 10 states. The Hoepfners have 681 locations under their belts as they make their way toward completing this record-setting road trip, and next month they will hit 700 when they visit the Dallas area.

“I wrote that we had been all over the world and had never eaten a better hamburger,” Karl said in an interview with the El Paso Times earlier this month. “We just told them the truth.”

Karl and Carol will be featured in the premiere “Fast Food Mania” episode, filmed at their hometown Whataburger in Rockport, Unit 201. Along with the Hoepfners, Whataburger Family Members – Whataburger’s name for its employees – several regular customers and Whataburger’s classic menu items will be featured.

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