Why Every Restaurant Should Have a GroupRaise.com Listing

Did you know 57% of adults say they are likely to make a restaurant choice based on how much a restaurant supports charitable activities and the local community?That means today to stay connected with your community you need to be giving back and restaurant fundraising is a perfect way to do that.

Whether your restaurant is just getting started or is a pro at restaurant fundraising a GroupRaise Account is one of the best ways to grow your community involvement. Fundraisers drive $1000s in sales, and here’s why there is no excuse for your restaurant not to have a GroupRaise listing:

It’s 100% free to be listed on GroupRaise.com where literally hundreds of groups in your community will see that you care and are giving back even if they don’t host an event with you. Which is awesome because people just seeing that you give back will impact your restaurant(s).

The site helps you build a fundraising program if you don’t have one, and takes less than 5 minutes to get started.

Customers enjoying a fundraising meal set up through GroupRaise.com
Customers enjoying a fundraising meal set up through GroupRaise.com

GroupRaise focuses on making the process simple and enhancing the quality of local relationships with groups by making it less time-consuming and daunting for groups to connect with your restaurant. Fundraisers are an awesome time to establish gift card programs and let active community groups know about your catering options for their events.

Chains like Jason’s deli who tested the service in local markets quickly moved to use GroupRaise at the national level to help get an edge on their fundraisers.

Aside from serving restaurants with multiple locations, GroupRaise is especially useful for restaurants who don’t have full time marketing staff to push community involvement initiatives daily.

You only pay $69 if you are successful in connecting with a group you want to host. If you don’t like the groups it’s just free, and they will credit you back for any fundraiser you are unsatisfied with. It’s that simple.

You decide what percentage your restaurant is willing to donate back (which is tax deductible for restaurants when hosting 501(c)3 organizations), choose the days of the week and times of the day that are best to host organizations, and that’s all.

Long story short: Don’t get left behind when it comes to community involvement!

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