Wienerschnitzel’s New Oktoberfest Commercial

Wienerschnitzel's New Oktoberfest Commercial

Wienerschnitzel…We’re Kinda German

Come celebrate Oktoberfest the Wienerschnitzel way! Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog chain, is tipping its stein to the company’s “sort of German” roots by offering Grilled Bratwurst, smothered in mustard and grilled onions or sauerkraut, in honor of Oktoberfest. So, break out your lederhosen and take part in this 200-year-old global celebration by heading to your nearest Wienerschnitzel to try the new Grilled Bratwurst, available now through October.

Wienerschnitzel’s New Oktoberfest Commercial

Oktoberfest Fun Facts:

  • After the 2013 Oktoberfest celebration, the lost and found consisted of 1,056 passports, 520 wallets, 320 cell phones, 300 bags, 50 cameras, 2 wedding rings, a hearing aid, a set of false teeth, and a Segway
  • Paris Hilton has been permanently banned from Oktoberfest
  • People drank 6.9 million liters of beer in 2014. The record was in 2011 with 7.5 million liters
  • Albert Einstein once worked as an electrician and helped set up one of the beer tents in 1896
  • Oktoberfest has its own post office and sends about 130,000 post cards and gifts every year