Wing Zone Introduces Thigh Wings Systemwide

Wing Zone Introduces Thigh Wings Systemwide

Franchise Wing Restaurant Launches Innovative New Menu Item in All Restaurants After Successful Test Period

Wing Zone Introduces Thigh Wings SystemwideWing Zone is introducing Flavorholics to its latest innovative way to enjoy chicken: Thigh Wings. The new menu item launches systemwide on August 8. Thigh Wings are thick, bone-in cuts of dark meat made using meat from the thigh and have a deliciously crispy skin that can be slathered with any of the brand’s famous flavors.

Wing Zone is making an introductory offer of Four Thigh Wings for $2.99. The brand is also launching the new White & Dark Pack Meal, which will contain 10 boneless wings & 10 Thigh Wings, a basket of wedge fries or housemade kettle chip, carrots, celery & dressing for $21.

Coming off of the 25th year since the brand’s founding, Wing Zone continues to focus on bold flavors and menu innovation in 2019. Thigh Wings have been in development for a year and a half and represent a flavorful alternative in light of rising chicken wing costs.

“As chicken wings continue to rise in popularity, so has the price – which ultimately is passed on to our loyal guests. Our franchisees and fans come first, so we explored all sorts of options to determine a delicious way to enjoy our award-winning flavors but at a lower cost, and that research and development led to Thigh Wings,” said Matt Friedman, Founder, and CEO of Wing Zone. “The meat is tender, juicy, and savory, and it has a fantastic taste, especially when tossed in any of our signature flavors. It’s a unique product that fits our menu and gives us the chance to create a new product at an aggressive price point.”

Today, there are more than 80 Wing Zone locations across the globe, and Friedman and the Wing Zone team are focused on menu innovation and introducing Flavorholics to new and unique menu items. In 2018, the company expanded the menu to include new lines of vegetarian options including triple-grilled cheese, a chipotle black bean burger, grilled wraps and unique desserts as part of a shift to a broader, better menu in line with evolving consumer tastes.

“We think we have a real winner with the new Thigh Wings and are excited to introduce them at all of our locations across the U.S. We want to continue expanding so that more and more markets can enjoy the Wing Zone experience,” said Friedman. “Our goal is to bring the Wing Zone brand to markets throughout the southeast with like-minded franchisees who are passionate about service and great tasting food.”

Wing Zone will open eight new domestic locations in 2019 and 2020 in target markets across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama while also expanding overseas by adding 10 to 11 international locations in Panama and the Philippines. The brand is also looking to expand its existing reach in Kentucky and Ohio. Wing Zone primarily targets densely-populated residential areas where the demand for takeout and delivery options is high, such as college campuses and military bases. To learn more about franchise opportunities, visit

To find the closest Wing Zone, visit More information can be found by visiting Wing Zone on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Wing Zone Introduces Thigh Wings Systemwide

Wing Zone was founded in 1993 at the University of Florida by Matt Friedman and Adam Scott, who dubbed themselves Flavorholics because of their love of great wings and amazing flavors. The Wing Zone franchise was born in their fraternity house kitchen, and the concept quickly flourished through delivery to their fellow college students. After opening several more Wing Zone locations in college markets across the country, Scott and Friedman began offering franchises in 2000. Wing Zone now has nearly 100 locations open across the U.S. and a strong international presence, including Panama, Guatemala, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. For more information about Wing Zone visit