Yogurtland Opens on New York’s Upper West Side

Yogurtland Opens on New York's Upper West Side

Yogurtland, the ever-popular quickly expanding self-serve frozen yogurt pioneer, announces the January 23rd opening of its newest location at 795 Columbus Avenue in New York City’s Upper West Side. The new Yogurtland is owned and operated by native New Yorker Dan Plitman and will be open Monday – Thursday from 11 AM – 11 PM, Sunday until 11 PM and Friday and Saturday until midnight.

To celebrate the new Yogurtland location, guests at this location will receive free ounces of yogurt as the temperature drops. When the temperature is between 40 – 50 degrees, guests will receive 2 ounces free. Temperatures between 35 – 40 degrees mean 3 free ounces, and between 30 – 34 degrees will mean 4 free ounces. If the temperature drops below 29 degrees, this location will offer guests 5 ounces of free yogurt. Daily temperatures reported by The Weather Channel will serve as the official temperatures for the promotion.

Yogurtland Opens on New York's Upper West Side“Hands down, Yogurtland has the best tasting frozen yogurt in the business, and I wouldn’t bring anything else to New York,” said Yogurtland franchisee Dan Plitman.

At Yogurtland, a modern, bright wall of flavors and a colorful appealing topping bar filled with healthful and indulgent options welcomes guests. Paying by the ounce, guests can choose among 16 yogurt flavors and more than 60 fruit and premium toppings to create their own delicious frozen treat and top it off their way.

As the frontrunner in the recent frozen yogurt industry surge, Yogurtland is one of the nation’s first and largest self-serve frozen yogurt brands. The company has transformed the industry by reshaping a popular trend into a growing business by redefining the dessert experience and delivering ultimate customer control.

The Yogurtland Difference

Separating Yogurtland from competitors is the company’s team of flavorologists who develop the proprietary recipes for the brand’s more than 100 different and customized flavors. Whether traditional or exotic, each flavor uses real ingredients sourced from their original locations. By controlling the entire frozen yogurt making process, Yogurtland has raised the standards for flavors and quality to new heights and much to the delight of millions of fans.

Naturally occurring calcium makes Yogurtland yogurt a healthful, refreshing treat. Fruit flavors are also fortified with Vitamin C. All of Yogurtland’s flavors meet the National Yogurt Association Criteria for “live and active culture frozen yogurt” and are produced in a kosher-certified facility. Yogurtland features non- and low-fat yogurt flavors as well as non-dairy and no sugar added choices.

Presently there are 263 locations across the U.S., Australia, Guam, Mexico and Venezuela with more than 50 additional locations planned to open over the next six months. For more information, visit http://www.yogurt-land.com.