Yogurtland’s Second Annual Flavor Quest Will Take Guests on an Epic Culinary Adventure Around the World

Yogurtland's Second Annual Flavor Quest Will Take Guests on an Epic Culinary Adventure Around the World

Rewards Members Earn Free Yogurt and a Chance to Win A Trip to Puerto Rico

Experience the culture-defining desserts of ten countries in an epic culinary adventure with Yogurtland’s second annual Flavor Quest. Beginning today through May 11, Flavor Quest celebrates 10 Yogurtland-exclusive, globally inspired frozen yogurt flavors that highlight the taste of nations and are infused with native ingredients.

“Every country has a classic dessert flavor, and we’ve brought the best refreshing and sweet indulgent flavors of 10 countries to your spoon. Flavor Quest is a delicious adventure for the culinary curious, and our fans should be prepared to explore new lands and tantalize their taste buds with the real ingredients in the custom-crafted flavors,“ said Scott Shoemaker, Yogurtland’s chief flavorologist.

With every Yogurtland visit, registered Real Rewards members can earn free yogurt by stamping their mobile passport. After five visits, Real Rewards members earn 5-ounces free and 10 free ounces after 10 stamps. Real Rewards members will also have a chance to win a 5- night adventure trip to Puerto Rico that includes airfare and accommodations for two people.

During Flavor Quest, Yogurtland will introduce new flavors every two weeks from March 3 – May 11 for a total of ten specialty flavors and three new toppings. The flavors include:

  • Maple Cookie frozen yogurt. Maple is Canada’s liquid gold and this flavor blends real Canadian maple and real cookies for a sweet treat that is perfect for any time of day.
  • Passion Fruit Sorbet from Peru. Backpacking through Peru, you’ll find vines bursting with delicious passion fruit. Inspired by this local treasure, this flavor brings you a real taste of Peru.
  • Coconut Mango Tart frozen yogurt from Thailand is one of the country’s most beloved culinary combinations. This flavor pairs the best mango varietal in the world, transformed into a delicious puree and then blended with coconut water for a light, tart flavor.
  • Macadamia Nut Toffee from Australia, the home of the world’s best macadamia nuts. This flavor is made with real Macadamia nuts from Australia, dark roasted for a deep rich flavor, with the addition of a hint of salt and a caramel back note for a rich delicate spoonful of Aussie flavor.
  • Switzerland’s very own Geneva Chocolate. Inspired by the master chocolatiers of Switzerland, this flavor combines real cocoa and a hint of vanilla for a delicate, light milk chocolate flavor worthy of its renowned namesake.
  • Orange Citrus Sorbet from Florida. A flavor as bright as the Sunshine state itself, this flavor combines real Mandarin oranges, tangerines and clementines for a light, refreshing vitamin C-packed way to beat the heat.
  • Black Currant Berry Tart from France. Black currants are a beloved flavor in haute cuisine and simple patisseries throughout France. Known for its antioxidants, real black currants are combined with blackberries and raspberries for a sophisticated French berry taste.
  • Spanish Flan. In Spain, flan is more than a dessert; it’s a way of life – rich, smooth and delicious. Yogurtland’s take on the culinary classic is made with sweetened condensed milk and caramelized brown sugar for a sweet indulgence.
  • Guava Sorbet from Puerto Rico because escaping to the islands never tasted so good. This flavor uses a classic Puerto Rican favorite, fresh guava and turns it into a refreshing sorbet.
  • Vanilla Date Shake from Dubai. Using the best dates in the world, the Medjool, this flavor blends dates with real Madagascar bourbon vanilla and a bit of molasses for a new take on this classic. This flavor is a first for Yogurtland and the industry.

Toppings include Praline Macadamia Nuts, Chocolate Covered Almonds and Gummi Butterflies.

Yogurtland’s continual search to find the world’s best flavors and honest ingredients has taken the company’s team of flavorologists to the corners of the world. The search (chronicled here) is the travel and taste adventure that inspires Flavor Quest and the growing selection of Yogurtland’s proprietary recipes for the company’s more than 100 different and customized flavors. Whether traditional or exotic, each flavor uses real ingredients sourced from their original locations. By controlling the entire frozen yogurt making process, Yogurtland has raised the standards for flavors and quality to new heights and much to the delight of millions of fans.

Naturally occurring calcium makes Yogurtland yogurt a healthful, refreshing treat. All of Yogurtland’s frozen yogurt flavors meet the National Yogurt Association Criteria for “live and active culture frozen yogurt” and are produced in a kosher-certified facility. Yogurtland features non- and low-fat yogurt flavors as well as non-dairy and no sugar added choices.

Presently Yogurtland has 270 locations across the U.S., Australia, Guam, Mexico, Venezuela and Dubai. For more information, visit http://www.yogurt-land.com or http://www.facebook.com/yogurtland.