2012 Celebrity HotSpots Los Angeles Restaurant Guide – Where Your Fave Celebs Dine

Celebrities are part of the fabric of Los Angeles and can regularly be seen dining in restaurants all over town. Where do they go for special-occasion celebrations, romantic dates, or to escape and enjoy a meal alone at a hidden gem?

2012 CELEBRITY HOTSPOTS LOS ANGELES RESTAURANT GUIDE: WHERE YOUR FAVE CELEBS DINE provides an inside track to over 100 Los Angeles-area restaurants ranked by most celebrity spottings.

Each restaurant listing details the most-spotted celebs, an extensive list of popular celebs spotted, celebrity events held, location/neighborhood, and a “fan fave” spotting complete with photos of your fave celebs!

Included in this exclusive 167 page guide are an eclectic mix of over 1500 celebrities including actors, actresses, athletes, chefs, fashionistas, musicians, reality TV stars, screenwriters, tv personalities and many more famous (and infamous!) people.

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2012 Celebrity HotSpots Los Angeles Restaurant Guide is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.