– New Website Helping People Travel with Food Allergies - New Website Helping People Travel with Food Allergies

A new website will help people affected by food allergies travel the world safely and with more peace of mind. provides local knowledge on restaurants, user reviews and vital allergy information to assist people in planning their allergy-conscious trips effectively.

Life-threatening food allergies are a daily challenge for millions of people worldwide. International travel can be stressful due to unknown foods and environments abroad. The difficulties of traveling with a food allergy can include: understanding a country’s allergen labeling for prepackaged food, communicating allergies in a foreign language at restaurants, translating medical needs and choosing an allergy-friendly airline.

“Allergy Travels is a way to help people with food allergies travel and explore with confidence,” explains the site’s co-founder Emma Amoscato. “There is no resource like this out there and we are excited to create a hub of information to save people time and worry when planning a trip. We want to help people feel informed and inspired about exploring the world safely.”

This new resource helps people share their invaluable first-hand international travel tips such as experiences at restaurants, grocery stores or on airplanes. Users can browse and contribute reviews and recommendations through dedicated country and airline pages.

The site also features an extensive community forum where travelers can ask questions and find personalized advice. For those in the early phases of trip planning, there is an informative blog featuring travel tips, inspiration and guest post from other allergic travelers.  For more information, please visit