At Hartsfield, Atlanta’s Favorite Deli is Expanding their Reach and Reputation

At Hartsfield, Atlanta's Favorite Deli is Expanding their Reach and Reputation

Goldberg’s Deli Boasts 4 Locations in the World’s Busiest Airport at Concourses A, D, E and T

Goldberg’s Group of Companies is establishing a significant presence in the travel sector of its hometown with four concessions locations now open at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Goldberg’s is well-known in Atlanta for serving traditional New York deli-style food with an emphasis on both quality and on the customer, but recently, their fanbase is expanding. With two locations on Concourses A & T, Goldberg’s Bagel Co. & Deli is now serving those perfect bagels made the old-fashioned way and famous Po’Boys and Brooklyn Reubens at the Atlanta Airport.

“It is truly an honor to be a part of the concessions program at the world’s busiest airport, and we are proud to deliver local and regionally inspired menu favorites Atlantans have enjoyed for over 40 years,” said Wayne Saxe, chairman and CEO of Goldberg’s Group of Companies.

In Hartsfield’s Concourse E, Goldberg’s and The New York Times Bookstore—a local, respected food favorite and one of the most iconic news names in history–have been paired together in a café location. This setting is destined to prove a favorite of those traveling through Atlanta as it offers comforting, quality food, café seating and best-selling books and periodicals all in one place. In addition, patrons will enjoy the wine and beer selections offered as well as free Wi-Fi. Actually, Goldberg’s offers free Wi-Fi in all four of their Atlanta airport locations.

“Our partnership with The New York Times Bookstore provides passengers an opportunity to enjoy great food and service in a relaxing and enlightening atmosphere,” stated Saxe.

Goldberg’s fourth location is the Atlanta Braves All Star Grill—a partnership between Atlanta’s cherished baseball team and Atlanta’s beloved deli company. Located near Gate D8, the restaurant features a replica Turner Field look, complete with a brick façade bar, leather glove booths, dugout bench seating with a full menu. Braves memorabilia and graphics are featured throughout the restaurant and Braves merchandise is available to purchase.

The two Goldberg Bagel Co. & Deli locations, The Atlanta Braves All Star Bar and Goldberg’s Café join an impressive lineup of the Airport’s Atlanta-themed eateries, which include The Varsity, Ecco and The Pecan.

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At Hartsfield, Atlanta's Favorite Deli is Expanding their Reach and Reputation

Hartsfield-Jackson is the world’s busiest airport, serving more than 95 million passengers annually with nonstop service to 160 U.S. destinations and nearly 70 international destinations in more than 45 countries.

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