Baton Rouge food review site raves about VooDoo BBQ’s atmosphere, barbecue

It’s OK to lick your fingers at our tables. We won’t judge you. In fact, we’ll ask if you need any more sauce with that.

At VooDoo BBQ & Grill, that’s what we’re about: We want you to feel like you’re sitting at home with your family enjoying some of the best barbecue your mama has ever laid on the kitchen table.

It’s the friendly, familiar atmosphere that inspired an food reviewer to sing hymns of praise for us:

“VooDoo has very friendly service. The line to order moves quickly and the food prep time is quick. The one thing that stands out is how every member of the staff (from busboy to manager) seemed to ask us how our meal was and if there was anything we needed. Excellent service! Voodoo also has a nice family atmosphere featuring a full service bar and televisions everywhere. The restaurant recently received new management. It’s definitely a nice place!”

But we’re just doing our job. And our job is simple: To make sure you’ll be scanning your mental calendars to find out when you can return for even more delicious barbecue.

The reviewer, a VooDoo first-timer, took on the pulled pork and brisket platter and some of our yummy sides:

“The pork is very moist and not overly seasoned, allowing the sauce to be the perfect complement.

Baton Rouge food review site raves about VooDoo BBQ's atmosphere, barbecue“The potato salad is amazing! It may be the best potato salad I have ever eaten. It’s an extremely thick and meaty mayonnaise-based potato salad that seemed to put me in a euphoric state with each bite. From now on I will be ordering two sides of potato salad! In conclusion, if you are looking for good-solid barbecue, then VooDoo BBQ is the place. I will be coming back again!”

They said it, we didn’t. Well, that’s not true. We’ve been saying it all along. We love barbecue, and we’ll always make it with care so that you’ll keep falling in love with it, too.

VooDoo BBQ & Grill is a chain of barbecue restaurants based in south Louisiana that opened its first location in New Orleans on Mardi Gras Day 2002. VooDoo serves competition-style barbecue beef, pork and chicken with unique side dishes, plus salads and sandwiches, in a clean, colorful fast casual environment. For more information, visit or, or contact:

Chad Tramuta