BOOM Yogurt Bar – Boutique Yogurt not a New Thing in Boulder

BOOM Yogurt Bar - Boutique Yogurt not a New Thing in Boulder

BOOM Yogurt Bar gears up to celebrate its first year anniversary

With Boutique yogurts shops by Chobani and Dannon Corporations opening in New York City in July, the craze has that city grabbing for spoons at the upscale boutique shops. Boulder’s yogurt boutique opened it doors in 2012 and is getting ready to celebrate its one-year anniversary this September. BOOM Yogurt is the only yogurt bar in town to offer Greek yogurts, breakfast yogurts, cottage cheese, and frozen yogurts creating the ultimate yogurt bar.

“Yogurt is what we do. We offer the largest variety of locally made yogurts and toppings to truly create the most unique, custom yogurt bowl creations,” Owner Kelly Reed said. “We truly are Boulder’s only yogurt bar and were one of the first in the country to open up. Unlike the recent large chain’s opening yogurt bars, BOOM is independently owned and features a variety of yogurt brands.”

BOOM’s interior design is a cross of modern, upscale décor. The space is warmed by local wood, custom made furniture, and built to cancel the mass produced, chain feel of other standard fro-yo shops.

BOOM Yogurt Bar - Boutique Yogurt not a New Thing in Boulder

“We wanted to be a ‘bar’, have an interior warm and inviting that you wanted to stay in for a while. We wanted to be more than the ordinary fro-yo store, candy bar and Boulder is truly embracing our yogurt culture at BOOM.”

BOOM Yogurt Bar, opened its flagship store last September with a focus on community and locally-made yogurts, oatmeals, and toppings. Since opening, BOOM has expanded its menu to include more local companies.

Some BOOM Yogurt Bar combos include a healthy and delicious Noosa Yoghurt, Noosa peach puree, dark chocolate honeycomb, and Breeze Bar morning mix, and an equally divine bowl featuring Greek yogurt, mango, Bulumu Granola, pecans, and agave. A variety of yogurts are available daily.

“Noosa Yoghurt is very excited to work with other Colorado based companies, especially companies providing fresh, quality product to Coloradoan’s,” Paul Mathewson, from Noosa Yoghurt said. “This is Noosa’s ethos and we love to align to similar minded companies such as Boom.”

BOOM Yogurt Bar puts the emphasis on protein, balanced yogurt creations and product sourcing. Boulder features over 45 local companies in yogurts, fruits and toppings. BOOM features the most extensive cereal and granola walls any shop has seen. BOOM also features a variety of local bakeries as toppings including Lovin’ Oven, Kim & Jakes Cakes, Outrageous Baking.

BOOM Yogurt became the first ever to create and tap both a mix1 and Muscle Milk frozen yogurt. These new frozen yogurts have added proteins to the natural probiotic yogurts.

“We want our customers to feel like they have a variety of healthy options. Healthy doesn’t mean ‘not sweet’ or ‘bland tasting’. At BOOM we show that healthy is delicious. We source local farms for fruits when we can and are always looking to the community for new local dairies and topping suppliers.”

“We wanted to bring together local companies and create a “bar”, a place where people can go, grab some healthy food and treats, locally made, and feel comfortable and relax.” said Matty Reed, co-owner.

“We offer a BOOM ROOM, and help planning parties, get-togethers. We want all ages within the community to feel at home at BOOM.” Reed commented. BOOM also delivers for parties and special events.

Boom Yogurt Bar’s second location just opened in Denver this summer, featuring many Denver sourced products.

“We want BOOM Yogurt Bar to highlight a community, be a gathering place for that community.”

BOOM is looking at other locations that align with the local food/yogurt boutique market.

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