ConsumerAffairs Serves Up the Ultimate Bacon Guide

ConsumerAffairs Serves Up the Ultimate Bacon Guide

Hot off the griddle, this guide has everything consumers need to buy the best bacon

ConsumerAffairs Serves Up the Ultimate Bacon GuideHail! That most mighty of meats, and rejoice all who eat it!, a national leader in online consumer news and reviews, today released the ultimate bacon guide, available exclusively at

According to the USDA, this year the average American will consume more than 50 pounds of bacon, the most pork since 2007. In fact, demand at home and across the globe is rising faster than farmers can increase their output, with the ConsumerAffairs team accounting for about two-thirds of global demand. But is all bacon created equal?  Does that artisanally-carved and cured bacon from the organic market really outshine your local grocer’s house brand? We’re hungry for the truth (truth wrapped in bacon, duh).

In that spirit, ConsumerAffairs is announced the launch of their official Bacon Guide, the ultimate forum for consumers to:

  • Review their favorite strips
  • Read expert bacon advice from the fine minds at Bacon Bacon San Francisco
  • Share recipes
  • And more

“Here at ConsumerAffairs, part of our culture is making datadriven decisions,” said CEO Zac Carman. “And as prodigious purchasers of porkbelly, we want to make certain we were getting the best product, so we created this guide.”

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