Cordúa Restaurants Begin Count Down to 25th

8/8 88 has a special meaning for Cordúa Restaurants: The company just announced the start of the countdown to its 25th anniversary with its new 8/8 and 88 menus, rooted in the company’s founding date of August 8, 1988.

Since his first restaurant opened almost 25 years ago in 1988, Nicaraguan native Michael Cordúa has long been recognized by national, regional and local food press as the pioneer of Latin cuisine in the United States. What Julia Childs did for French food, so did Cordúa for Latin. He is the only chef in Texas to be inducted into the Food & Wine magazine’s “Hall of Fame.”

Cordua was joined in 2007 by his son David Cordúa, a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Paris, their one constant mantra as a culinary team has always been – “The food must be first of all Latin, artistic and yummy.”

As this iconic restaurant group that includes seven award-winning restaurants Churrascos, Américas, Artista, Amazon Grill – nears its 25th year, a series of new and commemorative menus are planned.

“I am pleasantly delighted and yet almost surprised that we are approaching our 25th. It seems like yesterday that we opened our first Churrascos,” added Founder and CEO Michael Cordúa. “We are so thankful for the enduring support of the community and media for our Latin cuisine.”

The first new menus to be launched include the 8/8 bar menus, available for a limited time only at Churrascos and Américas locations, featuring eight plates for 8 dollars accompanied by eight wine pairings and eight cool Latin cocktails also priced at eight dollars. Created by Executive Chef, David Corúda, the 8/8 menu is a clever mix of “street food” – meets “potluck” art form.”

“My inspiration for the new 8/8 bar menu was to have fun with street food from all the Americas and some classics from our native Nicaragua,” said David Cordúa. “This is truly us at play!”

The Vigoron served on the 8/8 menu at Américas – grilled pork belly, puffed yucca, pickled cabbage and pork crackling – can be found on almost any street corner in Nicaragua, while the Grilled Arepas are favorites of the chefs and kitchen staff and often served before dinner service.

The 88 menu for two persons is priced at eighty eight dollars and will be served at both Churrascos and Américas. This limited-time menu features the most famous Cordúa menu items, including the choice of three appetizers – Empanadas, Caesar Salad or Cubana Soup, 16 oz. Churrasco Steak to share and a dessert trio featuring The Original™ Tres Leches, Delirio De Chocolate and Alfahores Cookies.

The 8/8 and 88 menus will be served now through July 31, 2012.

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