Cosmic Idea: Jack’s Cosmic Dogs Recycles Wastewater Grease into Bio-fuel

Cosmic Idea: Jack's Cosmic Dogs Recycles Wastewater Grease into Bio-fuelSome may call it a “futuristic move”, but Jack’s Cosmic Dogs, a Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina restaurant, has recently installed technology to capture the fats, oils and grease that reside in the wash water at the restaurant and recycle it into bio-fuel.

“We have been recycling our fryer oil into bio-fuel for some time, but when I learned of a way to capture the grease from the wash water, I knew it was the right thing for us to do,” says Jack Hurly, owner of Jack’s Cosmic Dogs. “It furthers our eco-friendly commitment to recycling, while lowering costs.”

Jack has been serving up a variety of hot dogs & sandwiches from its location on Hwy 17 for the past 15 years. It’s a popular stop among locals but he has also hosted some notable guests such as President Clinton, Food Network Star Alton Brown and others who have stopped in for a bite to eat. It is an iconic restaurant that might remind you of the Jetson’s from the days of television past, but being cosmic doesn’t mean Jack’s doesn’t have concern for our green earth.

“We try to be conscious of the environment and recycling is just doing our part,” says Jack.

Jack’s Cosmic Dogs recently installed a Goslyn Automatic Grease Removal Device which is a small, stainless steel appliance that separates 99% of the fats, oils and grease from the water as it is drained. The separated grease is reprocessed and recycled into bio-diesel. The diesel fuel may, in turn be used to power school buses, cars or even trucks that deliver products to the restaurant, making sustainability a full circle.

Cosmic Idea: Jack's Cosmic Dogs Recycles Wastewater Grease into Bio-fuelFats, oils and grease, commonly referred to as “FOG”, is a major problem for the municipal sewer system. It can accumulate in the pipes as grease solidifies and eventually cause backups and overflows in the system. Mount Pleasant Water Works, the city’s water and sewer department, is in the process of reworking the city’s grease management program in an effort to reduce the amount of FOG entering their sewer system.

Cosmic Idea: Jack's Cosmic Dogs Recycles Wastewater Grease into Bio-fuel“Traditional grease traps have been around for a very long time for the purpose of retaining the grease onsite,” says Dennis Samuelson, Goslyn’s southeast distributor. “They are in essence a ‘hole in the ground’ that traps & separates grease. As time passes, the grease turns brown and rancid and the traps are periodically pumped and the residue ends up in the landfill as waste. Products like the Goslyn are only now making their way into food establishments to separate the grease at the source where it can be recycled into something productive.”

The Goslyn also eliminates the costs and mess associated with maintaining grease traps.

Next time you are in Jack’s Cosmic Dogs for some of their intergalactic fare, give them a ‘green thumbs up’ for doing their thing for sustainability. It’s the little efforts that are really the cosmic ideals.

For further information:

Jack’s Cosmic Dogs
Jack Hurley, Owner
2805 U.S. 17, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

Goslyn Environmental Systems
Dennis Samuelson, Southeast Distributor
1507 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms SC 29451