D.C. Restaurant Consultancy Launches ‘Scalables’ Guaranteed Sales-Growth Program

D.C. Restaurant Consultancy Launches 'Scalables' Guaranteed Sales-Growth Program

Scalables program adds to portfolio of business growth solutions of My Crown-Rio Foodservice, a membership-based consultancy

My Crown-Rio Foodservice, a membership-based consultancy and referral network for D.C.-area restaurateurs, has launched its Scalables program, providing a unique sales-growth solution. D.C.-area restaurateurs in Washington, D.C., Arlington, Alexandria and Falls Church in Virginia, in addition to Montgomery, Carroll, Frederick and Howard Counties in Maryland will have first access to the new program that provides a suite of marketing services to help restaurateurs attain their goals.

Restaurateurs are able to operate successful restaurants when they can offer a premium food and guest experience, consistently, retaining existing customers while attracting new ones. My Crown-Rio Foodservice bolsters the ability of restaurants to focus on these critical processes by taking care of marketing plan creation, marketing assessment, or actual marketing program deployment and application, depending on what membership levels member-clients choose. My Crown-Rio Foodservice programs free up internal staff to focus on operations, customer excellence and daily & weekly promotions.

“Restaurateurs appreciate business partners that offers solutions, rather than services,” says Rick Zambrano, principal of My Crown-Rio Foodservice. “They look for programs where there is some type of known solution to a problem or challenge, and very little risk. The Scalability program allows restaurateurs to pick and choose the levels of growth they desire.”

By offering different solutions categorized by desired sales expectations, My Crown-Rio Foodservice partners with owners and operators to deliver these expected results as long as the restaurant is already committed to providing a great food and guest experience. Member-clients can select from moderate, aggressive and intensive levels. Each level represents 3%-points above the comp sales (same store sales) 6-month run rate vs. the prior year. Moderate growth is 3% above, aggressive is at least 6% above and intensive is at least 9% above.”

Scalables program offers many benefits and guaranteed results

  • Transparent fees based on the sales-growth targets that restaurant owners and operators select. on the 110th day, fees for the prior month become refundable if the targets are not met
  • My Crown-Rio Foodservice implements email, social selling and loyalty marketing programs at its own expense to reach these targets for its paying client-members
  • Client-members are privy to current My Crown-Rio Foodservice membership benefits, including a credit card processor review, complimentary EMV upgrade consultations, a purchasing assessment and marketing plan creation at no additional cost

“Restaurateurs benefit when they retain consultant-business partners that are invested in their growth,” adds Zambrano. “Now, there’s a partner that has a guaranteed sales-growth solution in the Washington, D.C. market. Selecting such a partner is empowering for the hard-working restaurateurs in this area.”

To learn more about the new guaranteed growth program, Scalables, visit http://crownriofoodservice.com/2015/10/29/my-crown-rio-launches-scalables-guranteed-sales-growth/ or contact Rick Zambrano at 301.287.3002 x3 or by email at success@crownrio.com. To learn more information on what restaurant membership consulting is all about or to review other solutions, restaurateurs can download the My Crown-Rio Foodservice brochure on slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/My_crfm/my-crownrio-foodservice-success-brochure

My Crown-Rio Foodservice Consulting provides an integrated sales and profitability growth solution program that combines the best of marketing & menu advisory for the benefit of Washington, D.C.-area restaurateurs looking to build their businesses. The membership-based consultancy’s accessible marketing programs and affordable rates make it a top choice for independent single- and multi-unit restaurant operators in the D.C., Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland neighborhoods. Email marketing, digital marketing, loyalty marketing and social selling are just some of the services in My Crown-Rio Foodservice’s membership levels. My Crown-Rio Foodservice is part of Trendystia MRC, based in Rockville, Md. Learn more about My Crown-Rio Foodservice Consulting at crownriofoodservice.com, on Facebook or Google+