Eatery Pulse News Announces Studio, Marketing Partnerships for Restaurateurs

Eatery Pulse News Announces Studio, Marketing Partnerships for Restaurateurs

Direct services division complements robust, data-driven insights and news analysis

Eatery Pulse News Network, an online, all-digital, trade news network for restaurateurs in the Metro-Washington, D.C. area has launched a direct-service unit to help restaurants and foodservice companies directly with marketing, promotional, and support services and supplies. The new division is made possibly by two new partnerships and the support of the local influencer ecosystem. The offerings will be managed separately and marketing in video, ad space and direct-selling teams across the Metro-D.C. area. Studio will also fuel live events, workshops and seminars for the restaurateurs of today and tomorrow.

Support services, vocation, and career education vital to D.C. restaurant industry

“Direct support services to restaurateurs are a much needed offering,” says Rick Zambrano, executive producer of Eatery Pulse TV, the online news show, and content editor for Eatery Pulse Digital magazine. “Particularly as business owners and foodservice professionals get informed on highly-meaningful trends, best practices and local news & success stories, they will want to make hassle-free decisions regarding their businesses. Studio serves that need.”

Studio has four main functional categories that serve both restaurants and foodservice companies:

  • Reputation management and marketing services
  • Promotional and video/YouTube services
  • Cost savings and access to financing programs
  • Content management/promotional services

More information will be available during Season One of Eatery Pulse TV and by request at

Network has deep commitment to the restaurateurs of today and tomorrow

Eatery Pulse News Network ( has now expanded to serve the needs of hard-working restaurateurs in the Metro-D.C. market and comprises

  • Eatery Pulse TV,
  • Eatery Pulse Digital magazine, and
  • Studio by Eatery Pulse

In addition to managing the live-events platform, Studio will oversee the vocation and education scholarship program, funded with industry partnerships and 20% of ongoing profits.

Restaurant industry stakeholders and restaurateurs across the region can continue to subscribe to the Eatery Pulse TV, to the upcoming newsletter and digital monthly by navigating to Eatery Pulse TV’s first shows during Episode One: Disruption. Provenance are filming and will be released in March and April.

Sponsors, advertisers and marketers of restaurant-facing purveyors and technology companies can download the sponsor kit and sign up for the network’s newsletter by clicking here.

Eatery Pulse signals the arrival of a restaurant industry trade news network in online video format, accompanied by an informative, stylish, digital magazine for the D.C. area and a live-events and direct services platform called Studio by Eatery Pulse. The all-digital news network will cover cutting-edge news topics, best practices and hyper-local D.C.-area trends comprising technology, including mobile and IoRT, culinary trends and insights, marketing & social media, operations, and new concept design. Eatery Pulse News Network is headed by Rick Zambrano, who is a trend analyst, entrepreneur and small business consultant with 15 years in food-related businesses.