Eatery Pulse TV News Network Expands Nationally, Adds Restaurant C-Suite Magazine

Eatery Pulse TV News Network Expands Nationally, adds Restaurant C-Suite Magazine

The Eatery Pulse TV News Network announced a national expansion in July, bringing its specialized food industry content across multiple formats in digital, web, audio, and video formats. The cornerstone of its national news web broadcast will be Eatery Pulse TV and Restaurant C-Suite Magazine, the network’s first publication for restaurant executives across the country. Eatery Pulse TV News Network is part of Eatery Pulse News Media, a fast-growing information services, consulting and content marketing firm.

The announcement of the network’s first national publication, Restaurant C-Suite, and its ultra-premium 4K UHD web broadcast comes on the heels of the one-year anniversary of Eatery Pulse News, a digital foodservice publication covering restaurants in the Washington, D.C. market. Executives in the restaurant industry will benefit from a growing library of highly-meaningful news and content tailored for them, in addition to highly-curated news briefs and goings-on in the world of restaurants.

“Being an agile, fast-moving and highly-specialized media firm, we are able to cover and publish content across multiple formats for the benefit of the industry’s top leaders and echelons, in addition to curating the most relevant and meaningful industry goings-on,” says Rick Zambrano. “Subscribers will benefit from a growing library of news and news analysis in published, video and audio formats, accessible from one subscription, designed with no paywalls and heavy journalistic sensibilities.”

Restaurant C-Suite is expected to debut in July and the newly-formatted and expanded web properties should be available in August.

Zambrano is an industry veteran of 15 years, having experiences in research, financial analysis, publishing and video production. Zambrano’s reputation in the food industry and his ability to interpret, analyze and disseminate information will be of great benefit to restaurant management and top restaurant industry executives from East to West. He created past, highly-popular publications, including Quick Serve Leader and Chain Pulse.

Eatery Pulse is welcoming back thousands of these magazines’ past subscribers to its mailing list at and new executives interested in highly meaningful news analysis and curated content. New and past content collaborators and experts can contact Zambrano at For advertising/sponsorship opportunities, contact John at

Based in the Washington, D.C. market, Eatery Pulse News Media is an information services, consulting and content marketing firm, providing content in online, digital and web broadcast format, accompanied by two informative, stylish, digital magazines. Eatery Pulse empowers foodservice professionals, small business owners, and foodies to further engage and celebrate food and drink topics, as well as profit and benefit from a growing and renowned food scene. As a source of information services, Eatery Pulse is second to none in telling the story of local businesses and reporting news in visually compelling published formats, as well as ultra-premium 4K-UHD video broadcasts. The Eatery Pulse TV News Network comprises a portfolio of magazines and web broadcast shows with journalistic and highly-meaningful foodservice and food industry content, including upcoming Restaurant C-Suite, Swizzle Chill and Eatery Pulse News magazines and Swizzle Chill TV.