Free Point of Sale Program Offers Restaurant Owners Remarkable Value & Features

Meridian Star POS systems, in conjunction with Merchant Data Systems, is not only an amazing value, but they’re also loaded with features that help restaurants run more efficiently and effectively.  Consider the all-in-one touch screen that gives restaurant staff easy access to the system. From there the feature-rich software helps servers, kitchen staff, and management efficiently serve customers.

Mobile Service – Make it Easy on Your Customers

Trends in mobility are not limited to your POS system— there are many ways to use mobility to make your customer experience better. For example, interactive menus on tablets make it easy for your customers to order things from their table without beckoning a server. Meridian Star, in conjunction with Merchant Data Systems, has their new “M-Tablet” to offer. Making tableside ordering as easy as 1-2-3. Some systems don’t even require a tablet – a Smartphone app does the job for some. Mobility isn’t limited to ordering. Meridian Star & MDS also have a mobile app for online ordering as well.

Caller ID – More Ways to Connect

With the ability to see which customers are calling right on your POS screen, this helps you identify and connect with them immediately. Making that personal connection with them that most of your competitors won’t be able to do. When you can see their name and address them personally, you give them a higher level of customer service. This helps you also store their information, along with past orders for easy referencing when they call.

Software – More Ways to Accomodate Your Needs

With the various types of software that Meridian Star and MDS offer, our POS machines can be set up to be specifically tailored to fit any business’s needs. Big or small.  Whether it be a retail establishment, restaurant or bar, or office.  We are able to not only get you equipped with the right hardware, but the right software as well.  Having the right software to accompany your POS makes a huge difference in the results you will see. Our skilled team makes sure that your business needs are not only met, but maintained as well.

Tech in the “Waiting Room”

With Meridian Star’s “M Tablet”, both Meridian Star and Merchant Data Systems are able to offer clients the best type of service possible. With this device, a restaurant is able to take their customer’s order, or place them while they wait. It is like having the POS in the palm of your hands. Thus, creating a more efficient flow, while also offering better customer service all around. Innovative and efficient is the key to success!

The system includes a thermal receipt printer and a kitchen printer and a cash drawer. Ninety days free, in-house technical support and a 3-year warranty on parts puts Meridian Star POS customers at ease.

With a new innovative and efficient way for merchants to not only accept all forms of payment, but with up to date POS equipment, we’re offering a better business solution to customers worldwide.

To learn more about Meridian Star FREE POS systems, please visit, or call: 855-853-6485.

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