Gregorys Coffee Manages Online Menu and Presence using Marqii

Gregorys Coffee Manages Online Menu and Presence using Marqii

Menu Management in the year 2020 is going to be one of the most important skill sets your restaurant can develop, with 90% of customers checking out a restaurant online before visiting it.

Having accurate listings in all of the places that a customer might be looking for your restaurant might sound like an easy task, but those who have sought to do it know that it can be very difficult.

One concept that has found a solution to this problem is Gregorys Coffee.

Gregorys Coffee has been able to grow their monthly customer interactions on Google by 200% in the last year and a half by using new restaurant startup Marqii.

Marqii is menu management made easy, according to CEO Avi Goren. Other services like SinglePlatform have been working on the problem for a while, but Marqii’s core innovation revolves around direct POS integration.

“Basically, updating your menu and online presence from your POS, where the information is most up-to-date, is much better than having to log in from your laptop to do it manually,” Goren says. “Updating/adding new menu items or managing prices through a web interface inherently creates lags and is very hard to manage.”

Managing numerous menu items and multiple locations, with that data going out to more than 75 menu/review sites, is a huge task restaurants are facing today.

Updating your menu through your POS with services like Marqii ensures that the information is updated and correct.

Gregorys Coffee needs to manage menus, hours, and reviews for their 30 locations in real time, a task they trust Marqii to help them manage.

“Our business thrives on delivering the best service combined with incredible coffee. The Marqii platform allows us to expedite our ever-changing content and has been a great tool for menu syndication to easily inform our customers of any changes in a matter of seconds. With Marqii, we can streamline our menu management and marketing efforts and content to reach a larger amount of people outside of our current customer base, making our lives easier,” says Gary Barnes, Operations at Gregorys Coffee. “We are excited to utilize the newest upgrades to continue our customer growth.”

Using Marqii, Gregorys Coffee saw their Google views on Maps increase over 1,000%, passing the 10 million mark in just 18 months. This kind of growth is helping Gregorys stay on top of the New York coffee market.

In 2020 making sure your online presence is optimized and accurate is important to keep up with customer expectations. Those who do it will be rewarded with foot traffic and sales growth and those who don’t risk being left behind.

In the New York area, Gregorys Coffee, which debuted in 2006 in Manhattan, has expanded to 30 locations, including 24 in New York City, 4 in Washington, D.C. and 2 in Jersey City. And it’s not stopping there – it has plans to add 20 shops by the end of 2020.

Gregorys Coffee Manages Online Menu and Presence using MarqiiFounded in 2017, Marqii is an automated menu management software that empowers hospitality groups to make digital updates, across 75+ consumer facing sites, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and more. Pulling directly from your cloud based Point of Sale, Marqii provides the integrations necessary to automate these menu updates. Users have access to a variety of tools including an easy-to-navigate dashboard with the ability to respond directly to customers on major review sites.