Hooters Snozzberry Sauce to Debut on 4/20

Hooters Snozzberry Sauce to Debut on 4/20

To celebrate “Super Troopers 2,” Hooters to release exclusive chicken wing sauce that, you guessed it, tastes like snozzberries

Hooters Snozzberry Sauce to Debut on 4/20 You have a right to be freaking out, man. Hooters is partnering with Fox Searchlight Pictures, in honor of its highly-anticipated, cult comedy sequel “Super Troopers 2,” to bring a limited-release Hooters Snozzberry Sauce to participating restaurant locations across the U.S. and Canada on Friday, April 20.

Coinciding with the movie’s theatrical release, Super Troopers fans and chicken wing enthusiasts alike have a limited time to experience Hooters take on the legendary berry. Taking inspiration from the original movie, the sauce was also created to enhance Hooters latest wing innovation, Smoked Wings. It’s the perfect psychedelic storm.

“As fans of the original movie, we were lit about the chance to bring the Snozzberry flavor to life,” said Gregg Brickman, executive chef, Hooters of America. “We can’t give away much right meow, and while the sauce will be on short-supply, we promise it won’t be Szechaun-sauce-short-supply.”

More details to come… but as for the taste? The snozzberries taste like snozzberries.

Hooters Snozzberry Sauce is available in limited quantities at participating Hooters locations across the country beginning April 20, 2018, while supplies last. For additional details, visit hooters.com/supertroopers.

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