How to Maximize Restaurant Success with Next-generation Technologies

How to Maximize Restaurant Success with Next-generation Technologies

Starfleet Research, the leading provider of best practices IT research and recommendations for the hospitality industry, is making the latest edition (published last quarter) of its popular Smart Decision Guide to restaurant management and POS systems available for complimentary access.

Widely considered to be the most authoritative and comprehensive resource on next-generation restaurant management technology, this Smart Decision Guide (click here to access) has been downloaded by thousands of restaurant owners, operators and senior staff seeking to upgrade their business operations by harnessing the power of next-generation technologies. In fact, 93% of restaurant executives have rated it as “valuable” or “very valuable.”

Revised, updated and expanded to highlight emerging market trends, evolving guest behaviors and recent technology innovation, the Smart Decision Guide offers a clear roadmap for achieving success in business operations, guest satisfaction and financial performance with next-generation technologies. It also offers practical advice for implementing the right organizational resources, business processes and performance metrics to drive continuous performance improvement.

How to Maximize Restaurant Success with Next-generation Technologies

The Smart Decision Guide was independently produced, providing for unbiased, fact-based information. The underwriters are the following industry leaders: Agilysys, Benseron Hospitality, Lavu and TouchBistro, with additional content development and distribution support from Restaurant Technology News and Restaurant Activity Report.

More than 175 qualified survey respondents participated in the survey that served as the basis for the research. Among the key findings:

  • Nearly one-quarter (24 percent) of restaurant operators who have not upgraded their core restaurant management and POS system within the past three years plan to do so in the next 12 months.
  • 79 percent of restaurant operators contend that advanced technologies are the key to addressing many of their current challenges.
  • 95 percent of restaurant operators view the ability to improve guest satisfaction and the quality of the guest experience as one of the biggest benefits one can expect to gain with the right restaurant management and POS system
  • 89 percent of restaurant operators cite the need for driving increased operational efficiency, including staff productivity, and reducing inventory waste as a key success factor
  • 78 percent of full-service restaurants, and 62 percent of quick service and fast casual restaurants achieved “significant” or “dramatic” improvement in both operations and revenue performance after deploying a next-generation restaurant management and POS system

The Smart Decision Guide is now available for complimentary download. It can be accessed here.