Increase Bar Sales this Winter with These Unique Cocktails

Increase Bar Sales this Winter with These Unique CocktailsWhen the temperature drops, your customers probably won’t be hankering for summery sangrias or light, fruity cocktails. That means it’s probably time to switch up your drink menu! By including some winter-appropriate cocktails on your menu, you can increase bar sales and keep your guests happy. In the mood to try out something a little different? Check out these unique winter cocktails.

Royal Plush.

This one couldn’t be easier. All it takes is red burgundy and Brut champagne. Get the recipe on Esquire.

The 108.

Not many cocktails involve the spice blend garam masala, which is why this one stands out! A unique maple masala syrup and gin make up this tasty cocktail—find out how to make it on Serious Eats.

The Rusty Nail.

Just because this drink is cold doesn’t mean it can’t warm you up! Scotch, Drambuie (a scotch-based liqueur), and a lemon twist are all you need for this cocktail. Learn how to make it here.

The Orchard Fizz.

Your customers probably haven’t had anything like the Orchard Fizz before. It involves rhubarb liqueur, apple ice wine, and egg whites. Check out the recipe on Serious Eats.

Dandy Shandy.

Just because you aren’t serving light summer shandies doesn’t mean you have to forget shandies entirely! This dark, warm drink involves dark stout and ginger ale. Find out how to make it at Better Homes and Gardens.

Clove Julep.

If customers aren’t in the mood for a mint julep, try this seasonal twist on the classic that uses clove-infused vodka. Check out the recipe on Better Homes and Gardens.

Blizzard Martini.

Irish whiskey, Frangelico, and Bailey’s combin to make a drink perfect for a winter’s day. Read more about it at Martha Stewart Living.

Sake Martinis.

Pickled ginger makes this martini stand out in the crowd! Learn how to make it at Better Homes and Gardens.

Sweet Potato Dreams.

Everyone loves pie, and this creamy cocktail is like a slice of sweet potato pie in a glass. Spiced rum, maple syrup, and an egg round out this drink. Read more at the New York Times.

Bubbly Manhattan.

When customers have had their fill of classic Manhattans, bust out this cocktail to surprise them. A bitter IPA gives the drink a unique twist. Find the recipe on Food52.

Now that winter’s almost here, it’s time to plan ahead and put a few new drinks on your bar menu. If you bust out a few unique cocktails that your customers won’t be able to find anywhere else, you’ll keep customers happy and increase your bar sales!

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