Kari-Out Launches First Ever Compostable Condiment Packet

Kari-Out Launches First Ever Compostable Condiment Packet

Kari-Out’s Plant-Based packaging makes condiment packets compostable for the first time ever while preserving the shelf life of the products inside

Kari-Out Launches First Ever Compostable Condiment PacketKari-Out, a foodservice packaging company, is pleased to introduce the industry’s first ever plant-based 100% compostable packet.

Kari-Out CEO Paul Epstein feels strongly that the foodservice industry can do better than it has in the past. “We have searched the world for a technology that allows us to protect the environment as well as the quality and shelf life of our products, and this is it.” Paul and his brothers, David and Adam, feel a responsibility to the next generation to make our planet a better place. “For us, that means looking at new ways to shrink our footprint,” they say, and emphasize: “These little packets are a big deal. Like an orange peel, the material protects what’s inside, naturally

decomposes and returns to nature. It’s an exciting innovation and just one part of the many ways we continue to look for the newest earth-friendly solutions for our customers.”

The new packets are TUV Certified, home compostable and provide several options to accommodate a variety of condiments, sauces and other products. Customers can choose from a clear exterior, to better see the product, or a paper exterior. All packets can be printed with logos and other product information.

Founded in 1964, Kari-Out is a leading producer and packager of condiments and sauces, as well as a manufacturer, importer and nationwide distributor of paper, aluminum and recyclable packaging products for the restaurant takeout industry.

A family-owned business, they employ over 500 people in three U.S. facilities, of which two feature solar energy. In keeping with the company’s focus on environmental responsibility,

Kari-Out also offers a complete line of earth-friendly products including: Eco-Earth, Eco-Boxes, Terrasmart, kraft paper containers and paper shopping bags. For more information, please visit KariOut.com.