KFC Canada Heats Up Double Down

Behold, Canada. KFC reveals its new hot and spicy Zinger Double Down sandwich on Monday, March 12th– available while supplies last.

The new Zinger Double Down features two premium seasoned chicken breasts, marinated to perfection in KFC’s signature hot and spicy seasoning. Next, it’s double-breaded by hand for extra crunch – and lightly fried to golden KFC splendour. Finally, the bunless wonder is topped with spicy mayonnaise sauce, processed Pepper Jack cheese and two pieces of crispy bacon.

Those who prefer to Double Down without the added heat can still enjoy the Original Double Down, which is also back for an encore performance at KFC restaurants across the land.

The Heat is On

“No doubt about it, it’s definitely time to schedule lunch with the Colonel,” jokes David Vivenes, Chief Marketing Officer, Yum! Restaurants, which owns the KFC brand in Canada.

“Starting March 12th, there are two ways to celebrate the art of Doubling Down. Purists and first-timers can enjoy our Original Recipe blockbuster Double Down – while adventure seekers who’ve been there, downed that, can up the Double Down ante with the new, hot and spicy Zinger Double Down,” says Vivenes.

Vivenes expects Canadians to embrace Double Down’s return with the same enthusiastic glee that characterized its first two appearances and the company is readying a high-spirited, fan celebration on its Facebook page at Facebook.com/KFCCanada.

A Double Down Shared

Throughout March, KFC Facebook fans can win musical t-shirts, snowball launchers, night vision goggles, KFC gift cards and other items devoted to making “man time” as awesome as the mighty Double Down itself.

“Our fans tell us that the only thing better than a Double Down, is a Double Down shared,” explains Vivenes, adding that Double Down outings and bro downs have been part of Double Down’s magic ever since it was first introduced into Canada in October 2010. “It’s fun to see how much Canadians love to get together to Double Down and we want to thank our fans for all their support.”

To date, close to 2 million chicken connoisseurs have Doubled Down during two limited time, Canadian appearances – and Double Down is KFC Canada’s best-selling new menu item of all time. Vivenes says that despite its mythic status, Double Down actually has less fat and calories than many deluxe burgers and subs.

According to Vivenes, there are still no plans to make Double Down a permanent menu item, as Canadians have indicated that they enjoy it best as a special, limited time addition to the current range of premium chicken wraps, sandwiches and Original Recipe chicken.

KFC is Canada’s largest quick service chicken chain with more than 700 KFC restaurants across Canada.

Since it was founded in Canada in the early 50s, KFC cooks have been freshly preparing and hand-breading our famed, irresistible Original Recipe chicken every day. KFC uses only trans fat free cooking oils – and offers a delicious range of family meals and premium sandwiches, including Double Down.

To learn more about KFC Canada, visit our website KFC.ca – or join our community on facebook at www.facebook.com/KFCCanada.