Mapping America’s Most Popular Burger Chains

Mapping America's Most Popular Burger ChainsBetween fear-mongering documentaries and an ever-increasing number of people convinced they’re allergic to gluten, it’s tough out there in the burger game, but that hasn’t stopped many a burger brand from taking hold of America’s hearts, minds, and wallets. But mostly its hearts. But which of America’s biggest burger chains are most beloved? And what parts of America love them?

To answer these questions, Thrillist crawled over 20,000,000 Foursquare check-ins to see how many people eat what type of burger and where. Then they calculated which brands over-indexed the highest in every county and created a map detailing those findings.

Burger King, for example, doesn’t necessarily seem to reign (get it?!) in any one particular geographic area (though upstate NY seems to love a good Whopper). As you’ll see with McDonald’s and Wendy’s, this particular approach is probably friendlier to regional chains with rabid followings as opposed to the biggest national powerhouses. Maybe its breakfast policy will change things?

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