Maxx Menu brings an interactive wine and cocktail menu to various locations of The Melting Pot restaurants

Now bringing the convenience and cutting-edge technology of their interactive menu tablets to more restaurants, Maxx Menu recently went live at The Melting Pot in Darien, CT., White Plains, NY., and Westwood, NJ. Offering customers an interactive and visually stimulating wine and cocktail menu, Maxx Menu puts the power of choice in the hands of restaurant guests. Implementing Maxx Menu technology at The Melting Pot can now increase revenue for the popular restaurant chains wine list up to 25%. Maxx Menu makes it possible to instantly update and keep up with a wine list as large and consistently changing as The Melting Pot.

Maxx Menu interactive menu tablets provide the information of paper restaurant menus, and then some. Making it possible for restaurants to customize the look and theme of their menus daily, photos and videos can be uploaded onto the tablets to promote wine and cocktails, recommend beverage pairings, and visually entice customers. Photos enhance the interactive experience, and are easily updated to feature specialty menu items and events. According to Brian Wolcott, vice president of Maxx Menu “our menus allow the ability to describe each menu item with ingredients, nutritional facts and other important information…a photo can also be matched with each menu item.” Taking the pressure off of the server is an added bonus, as well. The tablets become beneficial to restaurant owners, allowing menu items to suggest wine or cocktail pairings for product up-selling. Restaurants that feature vast specialty cocktail menus benefit from having that information more easily accessible to guests.  Wolcott points out, “There’s no way one person can keep track of all of those (liquors)”.

Maxx Menu was developed by a start-up business out of Stamford, CT. The innovation allows customers to make menu choices by using computer menu tablets that have been programmed by the restaurant staff and Management.  The wireless menu tablets eliminate the need for paper menus, adding to the “green” factor, as well as convenience for the customer. The tablets are equipped with Android platforms, and now offer App download capability for Android and IPhone Smartphones. More information about Maxx Menu interactive menu tablets can be found at, or by contacting with questions about services and product pricing.

Bringing ease of use and information to restaurant customers, Maxx Menu forges ahead in the business of blending interactive media and culinary choices for more memorable dining experiences. The Melting Pot and other prominent restaurant heavy-hitters are joining in the paperless menu movement. Setting the bar for greener standards of innovation, Maxx Menu has sights set on a prominent future, with little carbon footprint.


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