MenuTrinfo is nominated for a “Partner Award” by Sodexo

MenuTrinfo is nominated for a "Partner Award" by Sodexo

They say it’s an honor just to be nominated. MenuTrinfo says….. Yes it is!

MenuTrinfo is nominated for a "Partner Award" by SodexoMenuTrinfo has been nominated by Sodexo for a “Vendor Partner Award”. Sodexo’s Vendor Partner Award Program “recognizes and honors the contributions of companies whose efforts play a vital role to support Sodexo’s mission to enhance the quality of life” -Sodexo.

There are 7 categories being recognized by Sodexo to receive this award.

  • Strategic Vendor Partner-Food, Services and Supplies.
  • Strategic Vendor Partner-Facilities Management
  • Strategic Diverse Vendor Partner
  • Innovation Vendor Partner-Food, Services and Supplies
  • Innovation Vendor Partner-Facilities Management
  • Better Tomorrow Vendor Partner
  • Wellness Vendor Partner

MenuTrinfo is nominated in the “Wellness Vendor Partner” category along with Campbell’s, Dieticians on Demand LLC, PepsiCo (Quaker/Sabra) and Rodale Grow. MenuTrinfo is in such great company with the other nominees and they truly feel it is such an honor to be nominated and to be working with Sodexo as one of their allergy training and nutrition partners.

“Sodexo has been a great partner clients for MenuTrinfo. Seeing that uniform training in the marketplace especially in the college and university sector surrounding food allergy and gluten-free dining is complete forward thinking. AllerTrain and MenuTrinfo are honored to be a part of their full and complete solution and to receive recognition for doing what me and the team love is gluten-free icing on the allergy friendly cake!” says Craig

MenuTrinfo is nominated for a "Partner Award" by SodexoSodexo touches the lives of 75 million consumers in 80 countries every day. In North America alone, they serve more than 15 million consumers at 9,000 client sites. Wherever they work, their dedication to making every day a better day for people and organizations comes from one goal — to positively improve Quality of Life.-Source

Quality of Life is central to the performance and growth of individuals and organizations. Working from this perspective, Sodexo has redefined how to best serve their clients’ complex needs across the industries they serve: CorporateEducationGovernmentHealth CareSenior LivingSports and Leisure and Remotes Sites.-Source 

How Sodexo picked their nominees

Sodexo evaluated all nominees against “well-defined criteria and standards that are based on Sodexo’s Six Dimensions of Quality of Life”. The six dimensions are listed below.

  • Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing
  • Recognition
  • Personal Development
  • Ease and Efficiency
  • Community Engagement
  • Physical Environment and Safety

In the category of the “Wellness Vendor Partner” companies were picked based on “(having) a clear positioning and focus on health, nutrition and wellbeing. Engages and collaborates with Sodexo to address critical issues faced by our industry and helps to create positive change.” says Sodexo

MenuTrinfo is a certified Women Business Enterprise Company owned by Betsy Craig. MenuTrinfo is a company that provides the service of nutritional analysis and allergen/gluten-free identification for the food service industry and is dedicated to helping Food Service Businesses protect lives and health. They strive to become your Partner in all aspects of nutrition, allergens, and Gluten-Free Certification. MenuTrinfo is your nutritional partner, offering:

  • Menu Labeling and Nutritional Analysis
  • Certified Gluten Free Menus
  • Specialty Menu Development
  • Allergen and Gluten Free Training
  • Kitchen Audits
  • Policy Development
  • Expert Nutritional Consulting