Metro-D.C. membership consultancy for restaurants rebrands, adds results-driven Business Coach Gold, cash-flow lending programs and ticket sales to referral program

Metro-D.C. membership consultancy for restaurants rebrands, adds results-driven Business Coach Gold, cash-flow lending programs and ticket sales to referral program

Name change to ‘My Crown-Rio Foodservice’ reflects commitment of consultancy to foodservice stakeholders, including restaurateurs, caterers and food trucks

My crfm consulting is now My Crown-Rio Foodservice Consulting. The innovative, membership-based menu and marketing consulting program for DC-area restaurateurs has rebranded and begun offering a Business Coach Gold program. The ongoing coaching service for restaurant owner-operator emulates a successful “grow your business” consulting program that has performed exceptionally well, typically building its clients’ comp sales four points above the national industry average.In addition, My Crown-Rio Foodservice ( added cash-flow lending programs and a ticket sales & event registration platform to its referral program. Restaurateurs often cannot be approved for traditional bank loans and seek funding from non-traditional sources. Cash advance programs can be costly. My Crown-Rio Foodservice has added two different providers to its referral network.

Finally, My Crown-Rio client members have access to a turnkey event registration platform to sell tickets to food & drink events, beer festivals, business conferences, trade shows and seminars. Restaurateurs can take advantage of online registration for events to build their sales without having to pay hefty fees to event sites. For events that do not require sophisticated tracking of registrants or educational courses, the platform is robust and deployed within a matter of days.

Direct link between advisory services, coaching and results

“Many operators are unable to equate results with restaurant advisory services,” says Rick Zambrano, the principal of My Crown-Rio Foodservice. “That’s why all our programs are focused on the business and results, creating that direct link between services and success. Business Coach Gold is a very affordable program where much of the challenge is put on the consultant to deliver results, making it a cohesive partnership between us and restaurant owners in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) market.”

“Moreover, sales and cash-flow boosting programs are a no-brainer,” adds Zambrano. “The event registration & ticket sales platform is quickly deployed and less costly than mainstream event sites. So it is perfect for food & drink events and a perfect match for brewpubs and breweries. The cash-flow lending programs are affordable and not harmful like some “quick cash” programs out there.”

In addition to a consultancy with year-round services starting at $199 per month, My Crown-Rio Foodservice also acts as a local referral network to connect restaurateurs with trusted providers. The addition of cash-flow lending and event registration platform increase the referral network beyond the following:

  • Gift cards
  • Credit card processing
  • Payroll systems
  • Loyalty platforms
  • Wine and liquor sales training

What is an additional $80,000 of annual sales worth?

The originators of the Business Coach Gold program, our highest tier of service, saw success rates with restaurant operators in markets spanning Massachusetts to Texas in the neighborhood of 8% comp sales on average,” notes Zambrano.

“For the medium-sized $2 million restaurant business, the difference between running at last year’s national average and running with the Gold program shows nearly $80,000 in incremental sales. The financial growth opportunity is undoubtedly tremendous.”

Crown-Rio Foodservice Marketing, its parent company, has also begun offering customized services for chains and independents, as well as turnaround consulting and strategy services through Maryland Restaurant Consulting, a new, national-reaching consultancy.

My Crown-Rio Foodservice Consulting is a membership-based program that takes the core elements of growth strategies and bundles them to provide year-round support for restaurants. It offers a value-based advisory and referral programs for restaurateurs who may want to keep outsourced costs down and undergo a regimented marketing and menu review. It also offers Business Coach Gold, a pay-for-performance service, outperforming the national average of sales comps by about 4-percentage points.

Restaurateurs in Washington, D.C., Suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia can learn more about membership and the different membership levels at Maryland Restaurant Consulting, My Crown-Rio Foodservice’s sister program, offers menu, trend and marketing advisory services to chain restaurants and deploys customized project-based consulting and efficient turnaround programs.