Noodles & Company Celebrates the Tastes of Spring with New Dishes

Noodles & Company Celebrates the Tastes of Spring with New Dishes

The first signs of spring are budding at Noodles & Company, where the world’s most popular, classic noodle and pasta dishes come together under one roof to create Your World Kitchen.  The brand announced today that it is offering three new seasonal items highlighting the , including an entrée made with a gluten-free fusilli noodle*.

The new dishes include:

Garden Pesto Saute: Also referred to as “spring in a bowl,” this dish has fresh asparagus in a light, lemon Genovese pesto combined with red bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, pecans, feta, and spinach atop a new gluten-free fusilli noodle. A regular-sized portion includes 3 servings of vegetables, is packed with 15g of protein and has just 590 calories.

Springtime Flatbread: A crispy flatbread topped with fresh asparagus, mushrooms, melted Parmesan cheese and crispy bacon – perfect for sharing.

Asparagus Stack: A side of asparagus spears topped with feta cheese and bacon crumbles accompanied with a wedge of lemon.

The springtime dishes bring many firsts for Noodles & Company. The Garden Pesto Saute features a new gluten-free fusilli noodle. The Springtime Flatbread introduces a new way for groups to share a bite before their entree. And the Asparagus Stack is the brand’s first composed side dish.

“The fresh, light flavor and hearty texture of asparagus is perfect for these new spring dishes,” said Tessa Stamper , R.D., Director of Culinary.  “Customization is the cornerstone of our menu so we encourage guests to add asparagus to and substitute our new gluten-free noodle to any dish.”

The Garden Pesto Saute is $8.50 for a regular-sized dish; the Springtime Flatbread appetizer and the Asparagus Stack are $2.99 each.

All three asparagus dishes are available at all Noodles & Company restaurants for a limited time.  For more information, including nutritionals and a complete list of ingredients, please visit

Noodles and Company is also inviting their Facebook Fans to celebrate their favorite spring veggies by asking them to post photos of their “Fresh Vegetable Masterpieces” to the company’s Facebook page, starting April 22, for the opportunity to win a Noodles and Company gift pack.

*If you’re watching your gluten consumption, we’ll happily make suggestions for you. However, if you are allergic or intolerant to gluten, we recommend checking with your physician before dining here. As always, we want you to have the best Noodles & Company dining experience possible.

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