Ovation Technologies Announces Partnership with SimplyHired and a New Personal Background Check Feature for Job Seekers

Ovation adds SimplyHired as a job posting option for restaurants and also lets Job Seekers order their own Personal Background Check!

Tampa Bay based software company, Ovation Technologies, announced a partnership with SimplyHired that makes it easier for restaurants to advertise jobs through the Ovation hiring tool.

Ovation has a library of hospitality job description templates. Choose on and simply tweak the description to your liking and Ovation then posts it to social networks and job boards. It also simplifies the selection process by ranking incoming candidates according to suitability so the best ones stand out. For as low as $10 per month, a restaurant can always have an ad running and a current pool of ranked applicants. Ovation is mobile enabled so you can see, at a glance of your phone, when new applicants apply.

Hiring does not have to be a disruptive hassle. Ovation actually makes hiring fun!

Job posts powered by SimplyHired.com gives Ovation users the option to reach an even wider range of potential job candidates in order to find the best fit for openings. SimplyHired.com joins Indeed.com and Monster.com and others as job board options for businesses using Ovation.

Personal Background Checks for Job Seekers

Ovation Technologies also announced that a new feature for job seekers.  Personal Background Check is a feature that allows job seekers to run their own personal background screens to discover what employers see when running these checks. Everyone should know what’s on their background records. Find out for $20.

Erroneous background results can cost candidates a job, so the new Personal Background Check option from Ovation Technologies gives job seekers an opportunity to find and fix mistakes. These checks can also help pinpoint identity theft issues, so job candidates will have no reason to worry about what employers are seeing when running a background check.

A recent study by SHRM revealed that 70% of employers check backgrounds; shouldn’t you know what they are seeing?

Ovation is available at the Ovation Technologies website and in the Google Apps Marketplace. IPhone and Android apps are available at the App Store and Google Play.

Try Ovation with a free job post.

For more information, visit ovationtechnologies.com or call 855-232-5985.

About Ovation Technologies

Ovation Technologies is a software company that gears its products, including job posts and background screens, to businesses that are looking to hire new employees. The company was founded by a team of professionals who have experience in both human resources and information technology. The first product available from the company is called Ovation, a valuable tool that helps small businesses find employees through the Internet and offers background screening services as well as electronic onboarding of new hires.

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Pete VanSon – CEO