Pita Pit Asks Canadians to Make a New Kind of Resolution by ‘Refusing to Settle’ in 2017

Pita Pit Asks Canadians to Make a New Kind of Resolution by 'Refusing to Settle' in 2017

Rapidly Growing Franchise Brand Encourages Guests to Demand More from Their Food

Pita Pit Asks Canadians to Make a New Kind of Resolution by 'Refusing to Settle' in 2017For years, Pita Pit has been a partner with its loyal fans in creating meaningful New Year’s resolutions through the brand’s annual Resolution Solution campaign. This year, Pita Pit is making a resolution of its own by stepping away from the idea that better choices can only be made by individuals. Instead, Pita Pit is taking a stand against tired and boring restaurant options in 2017 by highlighting its Fresh Grilled, customized menu of healthy-on-your-terms choices, and imploring Canadians to “refuse to settle” for anything less.

As part of the innovative new campaign, launching January 2, Pita Pit locations across Canada will be asking customers to join the brand by posting their pledge to Refuse to Settle in one of two ways: online with the #RefuseToSettle hashtag, tagging @PitaPitCanada on Facebook and Instagram, or by posting a decal on a Pita Pit location’s Refuse to Settle wall. Each post will have a chance to win one of 500 $50 gift cards. All entries will be pooled and winners drawn weekly throughout the month of January.

“2017 will mark a turning point in Canada’s QSR industry, because it will mark the year that Canadians stop accepting bland wilted veggies, soggy bread, microwaved meats and food that’s been sitting under a heat lamp as acceptable options,” said Kevin Pressburger, Pita Pit Canada President. “At Pita Pit, our menu is made to-order, so you know it’s fresh, because you watch it as it’s made. Our customers get exactly what they want, customized to their unique tastes. Once you’ve had that fresh alternative, anything less truly is settling.”

For the last two decades, Pita Pit has rapidly become the industry leader in healthy alternatives to traditional fast food. By providing consumers with customized solutions and choices when dining out, Pita Pit has discovered a unique new way to turn New Year’s resolutions into an ongoing commitment, pushing Canadians to demand the best from their food and from themselves all year long.

“By demanding fresh, grilled taste and refusing to settle, we are helping Canadians to battle back against mediocrity, monotony and sameness. This year, we’re not just going to resolve to demand better, we’re going to actually do it. And, those efforts won’t stop in January. We’ll be focusing on the demand for fresher, better food all year long,” said Pressburger.

Pita Pit offers 10 unique pitas under 500 calories, along with countless delicious combinations of freshly grilled meats, vegetables and zesty sauces all wrapped up into one delicious pita. Pita Pit also specializes in 6-inch snack-sized Petitas™, delicious Fresh Fuel smoothies and salads. This craveable combination of healthy alternatives has helped to jump-start millions of active, healthy, lifestyles, and the brand now has its sights set on the next level of success.

By Refusing to Settle, Pita Pit stands apart from its competition, satisfying each customer’s unique flavor demands. Pita Pit was founded on the promise of never settling for anything less than fresh, customizable options. Now, the brand is asking Canadians to join them in demanding more from their QSR choices in 2017.

“Every year we all make extreme and unrealistic healthy resolutions for the New Year and then by February we’ve already tapped out and given up,” said Chris Fountain, CEO of Pita Pit Canada. “Being better shouldn’t be that stressful, and it shouldn’t be a goal we have to accomplish on our own. 2017 will be the year that Canadians will demand more from their food and all restaurants should take notice. We want fresh ingredients, healthy choices and meals customized just the way we want them and we’ll Refuse to Settle for anything less.”

Founded in 1995 in Kingston, Ontario near Queen’s University, Pita Pit was a QSR restaurant with a new and unique approach. The goal was to offer quality, healthy, fresh food fast. After seeing great success, franchising began across Canada in 1997 and in 1999, the brand expanded to the United States. With more than 475 stores across North America and an additional 143 stores internationally across 11 countries, Pita Pit connects healthy food with people seeking alternatives to the typical fast food choices. Pita Pit’s motto is “fresh thinking – healthy eating,” and features a menu based on the customer’s choice of grilled meats, fresh vegetables, zesty sauces and a pita rolled into a unique and convenient package. For more information about Pita Pit, visit www.pitapit.ca/consumer or www.facebook.com/pitapitcanada.